How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone?

Moving from Android to IOS? Sounds complicated? Afraid of losing contacts, apps, and data? Don't worry we will help you go through all the steps which are needed for that change. 

There are few methods to do the transfer data, we will explain you two of them. One showing how to transfer data by using the built-in mechanisms of your phone and another method with help of third-party apps.

First method: Automated Built-in mechanisms.

We will explain this method with help of Google account ( the same can be done with other exchange accounts like Microsoft or Facebook) and Move to IOS app.

1. First, make sure that contacts from your mobile are sync with Google account. To do that go to your Gmail in any browser on your laptop or desktop PC. Then click on arrow ˅ next to Gmail logo on the top left side of the screen. From dropping menu choose Contacts. Check if you can find all contact from your Android mobile. If yes then you can skip next step otherwise you have to do a sync of Gmail account on your mobile.Gmail

2. To sync Gmail account go into Setting on your Android mobile, and look for Accounts. In this menu choose Google, make sure that all of the toggle buttons next to data you want to transfer into your new IOS device are switched on.


Toggle button

3. Now we are ready to do the job on your new iPhone ( your iPhone must be not activated yet. If is activated you have to reset your device).

Go through all activate settings and stop on the last page Apps & Data on which you can find Move Data from Android, tap on it. Next iPhone will ask you to install Move to IOS app on your Android device. 

Move from Android

Move from Android

4. Install Move to IOS on your Android mobile from Play store. After installation open it and on the first screen tap on Continue and accept Terms and Conditions.

Move to IOS

Terms and conditions

5. Now back to your iPhone and tap Continue to get a code which you need to enter into your Android mobile. Important both mobiles must be on same wifi network.


6. On your Android mobile, you will be asked to choose data that you want to be transferred: Google Account, Messages and Camera Roll. By tapping Next all chosen data starts to transfer.


Move to IOS

Move to IOS

Move to IOS

Move to IOS

7. After data is transferred, finish setting up your iPhone. At the end, you will be asked to enter Password to your Google Account.

Congratulation ! your data has been transferred.

Second method: Manual transfer with help of third-party apps. 

This method will work with already activated iPhone.

At the beginning go through step 1 and 2 from the First method. When you're ready follow manual below.

1. Go to your iPhone Settings -> Contacts and open Accounts

2. In Accounts tap on Add Account and add your Google Account.

Add Account

Google Account

Set up your Google Account by entering your Google Email and Password. This action will sync your Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Notes.

3. Now let's transfer Photos, Apps, and other data you might need.

For that step, we will be using a third-party app. There is plenty of that type of apps, our choice on which we'll explain how to transfer data is SHAREit.


Download and install SHAREit on both devices from below. 

SHAREit - Transfer & Share Download SHAREit - Connect & Transfer Download

4. Star SHAREit on Android and IOS. On Android tap on Send button and chose data you want to transfer. You can select files one by one or chose whole folders.

SHAREit Send

SHAREit select

5. After selecting all data you want to transfer to an iPhone, tap on Send button on the bottom of the screen of Android device and at the same time tap on Receive button on your Apple product.

SHAREit Send

SHAREit Receive

6. You will see radar on Android looking for iPhone. Once you see iPhone on radar tap on it to start transferring data. It will take a while depending on the number of selected items.

SHAREit send iPhone

SHAREit Radar

We hope that our tutorial helps you successfully went through all the steps and that you will be happy to have iPhone with all data you want to be transferred from your old Android mobile.

Good luck!

By Marcin Rusowicz on Nov 15, 2017