What has changed in Odin from older to newest version?

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Change log
Odin3 v3.13.3 Download
  • Android 9 full support added
Odin3 v3.13.2 Download
  • S10 series support added
Odin3 v3.13.1 Download
  • add new compression lz4 from oreo firmware
Odin3 v3.12.10 Download
  • remove TFLASH option
  • fix the error for 8G file in tar.
  • add popup warning for CustomerService
  • fix find comport issue. change UX "USERDATA"
Odin3 v3.12.7 Download
  • fix bug of tar parsing
Odin3 v3.12.5 Download
  • change erase command and report erase partitions
  • add IMEI condition option to change erase command and report erase partitions
  • add IMEI condition option
Odin3 v3.12.4 Download
  • bug fix
Odin3 v3.12.3 Download
  • fix the error flashing for Galaxy S7/S7e USA model (AT&T, T-mobile)
  • supported by the new models of 2016 such as Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Note 6 and Note 7
  • prevent cross-download for hero ATT
Odin3 v3.11.2 Download
  • This version listed on the Odin download with several changes in the user interface (UI). 
  • Newly added patches are fixed to work with Samsung Galaxy 
  • C5, C6, S7 Edge, S7 Active and Z3. 
  • There are 2 different UI designs for Odin Flash v3.11.2 named Classic with 
  • the same logo and header and New UI with an improved header 
  • followed by a new logo.
  • Changelog:
  • * Overlapping of title has been fixed.
  • * BL, AP, CP, CSC tab sizes corrected.
  • * Language problems have been sorted out.
Odin3 v3.11.1 Download
  • To implement oneclick_gen compress feature
  • to implement download-list feature via meta-data for home binary
Odin3 v3.10.7.1 Download
  • RTN for Sprint has added. Supports latest devices
  • (Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, S6/S6 Edge, Note 5 etc)
  • Highly recommended for Lollipop firmware.
Odin3 v3.10.7 Download
  • to support UFS_Header.bin skip
  • to support window os version(Window 8, Window 8.1)
  • to change UX of Odin3 (version info)
Odin3 v3.10.6 Download
  • Added UFS Support device type. Added UX of Mass D / W (56 port).
  • Changed UX (some option changes).
  • Supports Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge latest models.
  • Comes with Bug fixes and more enhancements.
Odin3 v3.10.5 Download
  • support ufs device type
  • implement UX of Mass D/W (56 port)
  • change UX of Odin3 (remove some options)
Odin3 v3.10.3 Download
  • implement getDeviceInfo (protocol_version 3)
  • support feature phone
  • (1MB xmit size for device typePARTITION_DEV_TYPE_NAND_WB1)
  • change sequence of RQT_INIT_DATA_SALESCODE for prevent erase parameter
  • implement file Drag&Drop
Odin3 v3.10.0 Download
  • Improved interface with fixes to some issues.
  • Improved compatibility.
Odin3 v3.09.5 Download
  • bug fix
Odin3 v3.09.3 Download
  • support SM-R350 (4MB xmit size for device type PARTITION_DEV_TYPE_NOR)
  • fix bugs of binary which has offset over 4G in tar.
Odin3 v3.09 Download
  • stable version
Odin3 v3.07 Download
  • Specially designed for the new generation Samsung smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and others.
Odin3 v3.06 Download
  • bug fix, stability improvement 
Odin3 v3.04 Download
  • bug fix
Odin3 v2.10 Download 
  • bug fix
Odin3 v1.87 Download
  • If you own old device and have some compatibility issues with latest updated version, try this one.
Odin3 v1.86 Download 
  • bug fix, stability improvement 
Odin3 v1.85 Download
  • most stable version for the old phone with android 2.xx
Odin3 v1.84 Download
  • stability improvement, bug fix
Odin3 v1.83 Download
  • bug fix
Odin3 v1.82 Download
  • stable version
Odin3 v1.70 Download
  • bug fix
Odin3 v1.30 Download
  • initial version

Odin v3.13.* Problems:

For Samsung Galaxy S6/7/8/+ or Note 7/8/+ you probably need to use this version, but for older smartphones (for example the Note 5, Galaxy Tab 3, Samsung S5,...) you better stick to latest v3.10.* (v3.10.7.1). It has been reported that the v3.12.* will often pause before flashing is complete and will soft-brick the phone.

Our recommendation:

If you have any problems, for more information about how to use Odin, the meaning of all checkboxes and troubleshooting you can get it from here Odin manual.

For most accurate manual how to flash Samsung phones you can find in here Samsung Flash Manual by ODIN software.

By Wojtek Góralczyk on Nov 10, 2017