19 Jun 2020

How to charge phone battery as fast as possible?

How to charge your phone in the fastest possible way – a quick guide to fast charging protocols.

Nowadays phone batteries are larger than ever before, they could be as large as 10000 Milliamp Hours, and the new industry-standard is 5000 mAh. Charging your phone by plugging it simply to your computer USB port is not sufficient anymore and top brands like SAMSUNG, APPLE, QUALCOMM or OPPO needed to invent a faster way of phone charging, so they introduced fast charging protocols. This is quite a complicated matter, but in this article, I will explain it accessible way, so everybody will be able to fast charge their mobile devices with maximum speed.
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What is a watt, and how to calculate charging power?

To understand the whole matter of fast charging, firstly we need to go back to school and recall, that unit in which we measure electric power is Watt, and to calculate the amount of energy which you are actually putting in smartphone battery you need to multiply current with voltage. It is very easy, for example, if you are charging with 1 Ampere current and 5 Volts voltage you are charging your phone with 5 Watts of power. We are not calculating any energy losses on charger or cable, because there are insignificant.
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Complete list of data protocols.

Now, when you can measure charging power, you can understand what fast charging protocols actually are. They are data protocols to communicate between the charger and charged device to define maximum current and voltage to charge the battery at a specific moment of time. To put things in a more human perspective you can imagine that your phone and charger are talking together and negotiate maximum power to charge battery fast, but not too much, to not overheat a battery or destroy them. There are few fast charging protocols, to define which one of them your phone is using, you need to know basically two things, phone brand, and CPU type, then just check the table below.

Fast charging protocols.
Name Phone brand CPU manufacturer Maximum power
USB 2.0 any type any type 2.5 W
USB 3.0 any type any type 4.5 W
USB Type C any type any type 15 W
Quick Charge 3.0 any type Qualcomm Snapdragon 427, 430, 435, 450, 617, 620, 625, 626, 632, 650, 652, 653, 665, 820, 821 36 W
Quick Charge 4.0 any type

Qualcomm Snapdragon 630, 636, 660, 710, 835

100 W
Quick Charge 4+ any type Qualcomm Snapdragon 670, 675, 712, 730, 730G, 845, 855, 865 100 W
Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging Samsung any type 18 W
Motorola TurboPower 30 Motorola any type 30 W
MediaTek Pump Express 4.0 any type MediaTek after 2019 30 W
OnePlus Warp Charge OnePlus any type 30 W
Oppo Super VOOC Oppo any type 50 W
Huawei SuperCharge Huawei Kirin CPU 40 W
USB Power Delivery any type including Apple any type 100 W
SuperDart Realme any type 65 W


You don't need to know all the details and numbers about fast charging, just when you want to achieve a maximum possible charging power, check the name of fast charging protocol which your smartphone supports and buy compliant fast charger and cable. charger and cable

By Maciej Korzeniowski on 19 Jun 2020

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