Prepare iPhone for an Update

For now on it is possible to download iOS 11 and watchOS 4. In this article we explain step by step how to prepare your iPhone to update iOS 11. By following these rules you should accomplish the upgrade process smoothly without loosing any data.

1) Make sure that  iOS 11 is available for tour device

For the first time new iOS update won’t be available for iPhone 5. Only users of the following device will be able to use it:

Software Update

2) 32-bit applications will stop working

If you use very important 32-bit applications and their creators do not intend to adapt them to the required 64-bit format, then it is better to stop the update. Otherwise they will not work anymore on tour device.

3) Back up your data!

If your photos are the specially precious for you, then move them directly into your computer, external hard drive or into the cloud.

For better security, it's recommended to do a full backup through iTunes. The best option is to choose the encryption - this way you will not lose your passwords, data from Health or HomeKit. Simple backups do not contain them.iTunes Backup

4) Clear internal storage!

If you do not intend to upload the software completely from scratch via iTunes and only perform an OTA update, then you should check how much free space you have on your device's internal storage.

If it is less than 1 GB you should make some free space. The good idea is to delete rarely used apps that you can download again after the update is complete. Another option is to delete some apps data. Sometimes Facebook or Instagram data can contain several gigabytes.Storage

5) Wait a few hours

The last but not least step is also very important. It happens that Apple has made a mistake in updating the system, which has caused many problems. In the previous year, some people hurried and so they broke the Apple Watch. So it is worth waiting at least a few hours to check the opinions of other people, or update without any problems.

By Sebastian on Sep 22, 2017