09 Mar 2021

How to protect Messenger account from social hacking?

Messenger tries to improve the privacy and safety policy for its users and has its own ways to prevents hackers. Social platforms ensure us about enhancing the safeguards to stop the scammers and fake accounts. But is it really enough? If you are curious about how to protect your Messenger account from unexpected social hacking, then here's what you should know to secure your confidential data. Social Media Icons

How to protect Messenger account from social hacking?

Discover the best way to prevent your Messenger account from hackers attack:

Create Strong Password

Make sure your account is a safe, private place secured with a powerful password. Try to invent a strong combination that consists of 10 characters at least with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. Use random digits, special signs to create a unique password that is impossible to crack. Remember not to use any dictionary words, telephone numbers, or birthdates. Another good way is to generate a random sequence in one of the free online password generators because it's vital to change the passwords every 10 weeks. We find it also useful not to reuse the same password on multiple accounts to keep you safe and prevent yourself from social engineering attacks.

Enable Additional Authentication

The second recommendation is the two-factor authentication feature. Add an extra layer of protection by getting into the Messenger Security and Logins panel in the account settings. Enable additional security steps to receive login codes from the third-part authentication app or in text messages on your smartphone. Confirm your identity besides providing a password on an unrecognized device to stay protected.

Add Login Alerts

Turn on logins alerts as primary protection to get notifications about the unrecognized activities spotted on your account. Stay permanently notified about untrusted devices via an email or text message. Receive detailed information about the device model and its location. Verify it, or end the unrecognized session immediately. Take care of your privacy and safety by monitoring the list of recent logins available in the Security and Logins panel.

Disable Fill Out Passwords

It's highly recommended not to save passwords on the browser or any mobile device. Deactivate the password saving feature on your Facebook page in the Security and Login panel to secure your login data from the unexpected spill. Social hacking attacks are many ways easier when the password is ready and stored in the browser information.

Activate Safer Message Requests

This is a great solution for unwanted spam messages and scams. Activate Safer Message Requests filter to avoid texts from anyone besides your Facebook friends. Control who can send you messages in the Privacy and Messaging settings panel. It automatically filters out the incoming files with spam or malicious viral links from strangers.

Update App Version

Mind that new-released updates always introduce some improvements. Actualizations fix the bugs and remove the vulnerabilities from the previous app versions. Try to stay constantly up-to-date with your Messenger version to prevent yourself from a variety of cracking methods. Check for the available app updates in the application settings panel.

Perform Malware Scan

It's essential to run the anti-virus scan on your device regularly. Use one of the free viruses scanner tools to detect any potential risks, harmful viruses, or malware. Keep your entire personal data safe, not only on your Messenger account. We find it useful to perform scans on every device once a week to detect any threats as they emerge.

By Katarzyna Łaba on 09 Mar 2021

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