Test Hardware Features on XIAOMI devices

A lot of smartphones have a couple of hidden modes that don't come with the manual. One of such secret menu is QC Test Mode in XIAOMI devices. The wide range of hardware diagnostic tests from QC should help you when you are buying a new phone or if you would like to check out if your device doesn’t have any faults. In order to enable this hardware test menu you should use one simple tricke - the special secret code.

If you would like to have access to the testing menu you should open the phone's dialer and enter the following secret code:*#*#64663#*#*. As a result hardware test menu should appear on the screen. In this hidde mode you will find various options related to your XIAOMI hardware components.

By using QC Test Mode you can test such features as:

The Tutorial with QC Test Mode in XIAOMI Redmi S2

The QC Test Mode it's not the only hidden feature for XIAOMI devices. You can check out more codes for your XIAOMI smartphone here: XIAOMI Secret Codes

By Sebastian on Jul 4, 2018