What does it mean if my phone has been reported?

Wondering what does Blacklist phone means? Would you like to know what is it all about? Check out the below and discover if your current or potential smartphone has been reported.

What does it mean if my phone has been blacklisted?

When the device is stolen by a pickpocket in the middle of some huge city or once, due to your scatterbrain, the smartphone is lost, the rightful owner can report it to the police or carrier. Afterward, the particular smartphone is blacklisted. The same thing happens whenever there is some mobile that has been bought in a contract and out of a sudden the owner stopped paying

Blacklist, in a huge shortcut, means nothing but the impossibility to connect a device to the network. It is like having a phone that can work in an airplane mode. It is nearly the same as the toy-phone for children, on which you can perform some technical operations only, such as taking pictures, listening to downloaded music or playing games. If you have wi-fi around, then you will also be able to use it for online surf. There is nothing that can help, even some other, valid SIM Card.

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By Marta Luber on Jul 9, 2019