Review Leagoo M8

Leagoo M8 is definitely and interesting proposition from this quicky developing Chinese brand. So far we’ve been very impressed with all of their devices - the quality compared to the low price that you pay is really outstanding. This is another one of their „phablets”. Keep on reading if you’d ike to find out what we think about this under $100 smartphone. 


Leagoo M8 was released in November 2016 in two stunning colors: Titanium Grey and Champagne Gold. The size of this device is almost normal for a 5.5 inch tablet or phablet. Why almost normal? Well, it’s 154.5 mm long, 79.8 mm wide and, wait for it,  8.8 mm thick. It’s even thicker than the Leagoo Shark 1 we reviewed last year. That’s quite a lot of a smartphone. The thickness make it quite uncomfortable in the palm at the beginning. We got used to it but we don’t think that people with smaller hands will enjoy it. It’s also very heavy. You feel like you’re holding a normal size tablet. We don’t mind that but it all depands on what you’re looking for in your smartphone. The set of buttons is pretty standard - on the right side you have the volume buttons and the power button. Too bad it doesn’t have a home button (like Leagoo M7). 

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No suprises here - as always Leagoo suceeds to deliver the beautiful and stylish device we hope for. The Titanium Grey color that we own is just very classy and modern. Definitely a pleasure for the eye. In addition to being stylish, this device also offers the newest features. The touch sensor which is built in just below rear camera is definitely a nice addition. Just as promised, it unlocks the device in 0.19s and can be used for many things more - for example taking selfies or scrolling down the screen. We are pleasently suprised how well it works! 


As it was mentioned before, Leagoo M8 is packed with 5.5 inch screen. The 1280×720 screen resolution with the density of pixels per square inch of screen 267 PPI makes this displaya quite good quality. However, if this was a 5 inch screen it would have been more impressing. For 5.5 inch it’s an „ok -ish” resolution. We hoped it would be better than Leagoo M7. Other features include Multi Touch Support, Capacitive and 2.5D Curved Glass Screen.

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Finally a great camera with no complaints on our side! This Leagoo device is packed with 13 Megapixels rear camera which takes beautiful photos. The image dimensions is also something we can’t complain about - 4160 x 3120 pixels. The photos are good even in artificial lighting and with flash photography. The front camera is also good - 8 Megapixels. Here photos are definitely better in natural lighting because it doesn’t have the built in flashlight. Other features include: autofocus, face detection, ISO settings, touch focus, scene mode, white balance settings, geotagging. 

Photos taken by LEAGOO M8:
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The Leagoo M8 uns on Freeme OS 6.0 which is actually Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The internal memory is 16 GB but it can be extended with memory card up to 32 GB. The 16 GB itself could be too little but thankfully you can extend it with micro SD. The RAM memory is 2GB which s average for 2016 smartphones but not so typical for Leagoo devices so we are extremely happy that this one has 2GB of RAM. You can really see the difference. The processor is a quad core MediaTek MT6580 system on a chip and its CPU runs at 1.3 GHz (which is normal for a clock speed). 

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We are quite impressed with battery life in this device. Leagoo M8 is packed with a battery of 3500 mAh capacity. This is definitely more than an average 2016 smartphone. It allows for 300 hours standby time, 15 hours talk time and 40 hours music playing time. With device you may need your powerbank just a little bit less then with other devices. 

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Another Leagoo device with no LTE. We must say we are a little bit disappointed. Definitely most of 2016 smartphones so have LTE built in but this one lacks it and it’s a shame. Although 2G and 3G work well, they are not as fast 4G. The WIFI and the new generation Bluetooth (4.1) work great and we have no complaints. 


We must say we are truly impressed with the quality of this device. Of course there are a few flaws which we wish were fixed but despite them it really is a great phone. Especially if you consider how little money it costs. We must however warn that this phone is not for everybody. You must want and like these massive devices which are heavier than your wallet. For us neither the size nor the weight is the problem but we can understand if somebody is looking for something different. If you are like us, then you should definitely give this phone a chance. If you’re looking for something smaller Leagoo also has some nice options like Leagoo Alfa 2 or Elite 1. 

By Sebastian on Jul 17, 2017