28 Feb 2021

What does the Safe Mode do?

Have you recently noticed a decrease in the performance of your device? It stutters, turns itself off or overheats? The reason may be external applications, which are not working properly. In determining if that's really the case, safe mode is really useful. How does safe mode work? How to turn it on? In this article, we'll explain everything to you, and we hope to help you find the reason why your phone is working worse.

What does Safe Mode do?

Safe mode disables all third-party applications, which helps you judge if the reason for your phone slowing down is some naughty application that you should uninstall. Sadly, removing the correct application might not be as easy as you think. All changes only take effect after you exit the Safe Mode, which means you have to uninstall all applications one by one to finally find an application that makes your phone work worse.

How to turn on Safe Mode?

There are various ways to enter Safe Mode:

If you see the words Safe mode in the bottom left corner of your screen after booting up, you’re officially in safe mode!
These words will go away when you exit safe mode.

How to turn off Safe Mode?

It's way easier than entering Safe Mode! Simply restart your device, and it should boot up without Safe Mode.

By Maciej Oliwa on 28 Feb 2021

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