17 Sep 2019

SAMSUNG Model Numbers

Every and each Samsung phone has its own Model Number, which represents a certain device of the brand. This number is just an abbreviation to the full name of your smartphone, by which you can easily find the full specification of your device. Model Number is set by a device manufacturer and can be different depending on the product version.Samsung Galaxy A40

How to locate the Samsung Model Number?

In case you’re looking for such code, there are different ways to find it out. You can simply go to the Settings application on your device and open the last, About Phone section on the list, and so here you go. Another way is even easier - you just have to input the *#06# code in the Phone dialer, so you’ll get the Model Number together with the Serial Number and IMEI Number of your device at once. In case when your Galaxy is unable to use, there is a still an option for you: if your phone is sealed, you can find the number on the back of your device, in another case, it has to be under the cover, sticked to the battery.

How to read Samsung Model Numbers?

Since September 2013, model numbers of devices in the Samsung Galaxy series are in the "SM-xxxx" format (excluding the Galaxy J SC-02F). Previously, from 2009 until September 2013, the model numbers were in the "GT-xxxx" format.
GT-Nnnn0 – mainstream Note model (Old type of model number)
SM-Nnn0 – mainstream Note model (New type of model number)
GT-Pnn00/10 – mainstream Tab model (Old type of model number)
SM-Tnn0/1 – mainstream Tab model (New type of model number)
GT-Snnn0 – mainstream model
GT-Snnn2/ SM-Gnnn/DS / SM-Gnnn/DD SM-Gnnn2 Dual-SIM "Duos" model
GT-Snnn5/GT-Nnnn5/GT-Pnnn5/GT-Innn5/SM-NnnnF/SM-Tnn5/SM-GnnnF – 4G/LTE model
SM-Wnnn – Windows model (i.e., Galaxy Book) (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_Galaxy)

By Natalia Ligocka on 17 Sep 2019

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