06 Apr 2018

Where can get MTK scatter file? How to download MTK CPU scatter files?

Scatter files are special files that include information about structure phone EMMC / UFS memory that phone use to run the Android system and all application. What’s really important this special file can be used to bypass and remove Factory Reset Protection, Google Account Verification or Google Account Protection. You can get it from full flash/service original firmware or need read it with a special toolbox from the phone.

Scatter files download database:

Brand Model Start Address Length address Scatter File
Acer Liquid Z6E T10 0x4FA0000 0x100000
Acer Liquid Z530 0x6A80000 0x100000
Alcatel OT-4034D 0x9000000 0x800000
Alcatel OT-4034G 0x9000000 0x800000
Alcatel OT-4034X 0x9000000 0x800000
Alcatel OT-5015D 0x41000000 0x800000
Alcatel OT-5015X 0x41000000 0x800000
Alcatel OT-5044Y 0xE000000 0x800000
Alcatel OT-5045X 0xA000000 0x800000
Alcatel OT-5045D 0xA000000 0x800000
Allview X2 Soul Xtreme 0x4BA0000 0x100000
Asus Zenfone Pegasus 3 X008 ZC520TL 0x6A00000 0x100000
Asus ZenFone Max Plus ZB570TL 0x16888000 0x100000
Asus Live G500TG 0x4FA0000 0x100000
Asus Zenfone Go ZC500TG 0x4FA0000 0x100000
Asus Zenfone Pegasus 3S Max ZC521TL 0xF688000 0x100000
Blu Studio 5.5 D600 0x22E00000  0x100000
Blu Studio G HD LTE 0x6A00000 0x100000
Blu Studio View XL 0x26000000 0x100000
Blu Touchbook M7 P271L 0x5140000 0x100000
Blu Life Max 0x6A00000 0x100000
Blu R2 0x4FA0000 0x100000
Blu Vivo 5 Mini 0x4FA0000 0x100000
Blu Vivo 8 0x1A88000 0x100000
Blu Vivo X 0x2D88000 0x100000
Blu Vivo One Plus 0x2D88000 0x100000
Bluboo D2 Pro 0x6A00000 0x100000
Bluboo D5 Pro 0x6A00000 0x100000
Bluboo Edge 0x6A00000 0x100000
Bluboo S1 0x2D88000 0x100000
Bluboo S8 0x1A88000 0x100000
Bluboo X9 0x6A00000 0x100000
Bluboo Xtouch 0x6A00000 0x100000
BQ BQ-5515L 0x2D88000 0x100000
Comio X1 0xAA00000 0x100000
Comio X1 Note 0xAA00000 0x100000
Cubot King Kong 3 0x3588000 0x100000
Cubot Power 0x3588000 0x100000
Cubot Rainbow 2 0x4FA0000 0x100000
Dany Genius Tab G7 0x3540000 0x100000
Doogee Mix Lite 0x6A00000 0x100000
Doogee Mix 0x2D88000 0x100000
Doogee S50 0x3588000 0x100000
Doogee X5S 0x6A00000 0x100000
Doogee X9 Mini 0x4FA0000 0x100000
Doogee Y6 0x1A88000 0x100000
Doogee Y6C 0x6A00000 0x100000
Doogee Shoot 2 0x4FA0000 0x100000
Elephone A4 0x2D88000 0x100000
Elephone P8 3D 0x1A88000 0x100000
Elephone P8 Max 0x1A88000 0x100000
FLY Cirrus 9 FS553 0x6A00000 0x100000
FLY Power Plus FHD FS554 0x6A00000 0x100000
FLY Power Plus 3 0x6A00000 0x100000
FLY Life Mega 0x6A00000 0x100000
FLY Photo Pro 0x2D88000 0x100000
Gigaset GS160 0x6A00000 0x100000
Gionee M6 0x1A88400 0x100000
Gionee P5 Mini 0x4FA0000 0x100000
Gionee S6 0x6A00000 0x100000
Gionee S6S 0x6A00000 0x100000
Infinix Zero 5 X603 0x2D88000 0x100000
Kruger & Matz Flow 5 0x6A00000 0x100000
Kruger & Matz Live 7 0x3888000 0x100000
Kruger & Matz Live 7S 0x3888000 0x100000
Medion Life E5005 / B5060 0x6A00000 0x100000
Meizu M2 Note M571H x x
Meizu M3S Y685H Meilan 3S x x
Meizu M5C M710H x x
Meizu M5S M612Q Meilan 5S x x
Meizu M5 Note M621M Meilan Note 5 x x
Meizu M6 M711H x x
Meizu U10 U680H x x
Meizu Miai U20 U685H x x
Micromax Canvas 6 E485 0x6A00000 0x100000
Mobicel Trendy 0x4FA0000 0x100000
Motorola Moto C Plus XT1721 XT1723 0x6A00000 0x100000
myPhone City 0x6A00000 0x100000
myPhone City XL 0x6A00000 0x100000
myPhone Cube LTE 0x6A00000 0x100000
myPhone C-Smart IIIS 0x4FA0000 0x100000
myPhone Fun 6 Lite 0x17FA0000 0x100000
myPhone Fun 18x9 0x4FA0000 0x100000
myPhone Fun LTE 0x7200000 0x100000
myPhone Go 0x4FA0000 0x100000
myPhone Hammer Active 0x4FA0000 0x100000
myPhone Hammer Axe Pro 0x1A88000 0x100000
myPhone Hammer Blade 0x6A00000 0x100000
myPhone Hammer Energy 0x6A00000 0x100000
myPhone Hammer Energy 18x9 0x2D88000 0x100000
myPhone Infinity IIS 0x6A00000 0x100000
myPhone Iron 2 0x4FA0000 0x100000
myPhone L-Line 0x6A00000 0x100000
myPhone Luna II 0x6A00000 0x100000
myPhone Prime 18x9 LTE 0x4FA0000 0x100000
myPhone Prime 2 0x57A0000 0x100000
myPhone Pocket 18x9 0x4FA0000 0x100000
myPhone Power 0x6A00000 0x100000
myPhone SmartView 7 3G 0x5240000 0x100000
myPhone Q-Smart LTE 0x6A00000 0x100000
Siver Joy 3G 0x6B40000 0x100000
Umi Super 0x1A88000 0x100000
UMIDIGI S2 Pro 0x2D88000 0x100000
ZOPO Speed 7 ZP951 0x6A00000 0x100000
ZTE Blade A520 0x6A80000 0x100000
ZTE Blade A602 0x6A80000 0x100000

By Wojtek Góralczyk on 06 Apr 2018

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