01 Feb 2023

General overview of server processors in 2023

When it comes to web hosting, hardware is one of the essential things to take into consideration. The CPU, in turn, is an essential component of hardware which like no other part has a lot of representations, and a great variety of features that differ from one model to another. Therefore, it's especially critical to understand well the aspects of choosing a server processor in order to make the optimal decision for the dedicated hosting server for your website. Over time technologies evolve, and that’s why it is also important to regularly update your knowledge. In this article, we are going to have a look at some trends in the world of server CPUs that are relevant in the year 2023. In the following, we’ll discuss a little, about where the whole thing is going paying attention to some prominent server brands and how their actual specifications can be described.
The tendencies of major brands on the server market

The tendencies of major brands on the server market:

If we are talking about server processors, there is a bunch of leading companies that produce server CPUs and are in active competition with each other, trying to do their best with a focus on some aspects and having both strong and weak sides. These companies include Arm, Intel, and AMD. If we want to underline a keyword for each of them, summarizing what they are focussing on, we can say that Arm’s keyword is cores, Intel’s keyword is accelerators, and AMD’s keyword is moderation. Now, let’s look at each of the companies and current strategies in server development more closely. 

The further vectors of development: 

As for the outlook for future trends, in general, it can be said that the three major players in the processor market show a tendency to compensate for their weaknesses by trying to develop the features offered by their competitors that they are lacking on their own. This way, Arm is already seeking to increase the productivity of cores along with the number of accelerators. At the same time, AMD and Intel show an unambiguous desire to increase the number of cores. So, AMD Bergamo, announced for 2023, will increase the number of cores up to 128. Intel, in turn, plans to increase the number of cores in its new Sierra Forest, which is based on e-cores somewhat similar to what Arm offers. In the retrospective view, it’s interesting to note that the server CPU giants are switching their directions, not for the first time in history. In a similar way, analyzing the priorities of Intel and Arm ten years ago, one can see that Arm indeed prioritized the number of accelerators, while Intel strived for a higher number of cores.
The tendencies of major brands on the server market


In this article, we have taken a quick look over the tendencies of the server CPU presented by major brands in 2023. It is important enough to understand the features of certain lines of hardware in order to better understand in which direction you should look for a solution for your business.

By Maciej Korzeniowski on 01 Feb 2023

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