27 Mar 2019

How to activate Simple Mode on HUAWEI phones?

What is Simple Mode?

Simple Mode is a built in user interface on Huawei devices that lets users make their smartphone experience much less complex. As the name suggests, Simple Mode simplifies the interface, allowing for faster and more comfortable usage. In this mode, out device is cleared and the home screen gets chnged into a simple tiled layout. It also makes colors more vibrant, helping older users with viewing issues.

There is no need to download and install any additional software. Any Huawei or Honor phone user should be able to use this mode on their device - it's as simple as heading into the Settings menu and changing a single mode. Let's go!

Time to enable Simple Mode on your phone!

  1. First launch the Settings app located on your phone. You can either do so by tapping on the Settings shortcut on your home screen, or by checking the drop down notification panel and tapping a Gear icon there. Remove Screen Lock on your device
  2. Now find the Advanced Settings section and tap it with your finger. Permanently delete data from your device
  3. Once in the Advanced Settings menu, find and select Simple Mode. Hard Reset your device
  4. Now confirm your choice by selecting Apply. HardReset your device
  5. That's it!

Now Simple Mode has been enabled on your Huawei or Honor phone. No longer will you be losing valuable time browsing through settings you don't care about, always having everything you need a few finger taps away!

Check out our video tutorials on this topic on YouTube too!

By Marek Pawelczyk on 27 Mar 2019

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