25 Jul 2019

How to find a smartphone with a good battery?

The decision on which smartphone to buy is never easy. Among the many important aspects that we pay attention to when purchasing the phone, battery durability is undoubtedly the key aspect.

Depend on the ranking, we can come along with different, often even contradictory, information regarding the best smartphones’ batteries. Even though nowadays they all should be good enough, the number of applications and our daily usage time, which is longer than ever, makes it extremely difficult to create a battery that lasts over a dozen of hours. Mobile phones are no longer just things we use lightly for one or two hours a day. A lot of people uses their smartphone to play games, check out Instagram, Whatsapp or Facebook, come along with news, receive and reply to e-mails. What is more, rarely the home – where we have a charger around – is a place where we do it. Today, we mostly use smartphone outside, in such places as car, bus, train or at work. And even though power banks are more and more popular, we still do not use them too often. So we all need a smartphone with a good, long-lasting battery in our pocket.  That is why it is important to make a research before buying a smartphone.

Battery Low

Mobile Phone Batteries 

So let’s come along with all battery types and make a quick comparison. 

Rarely found, low-quality batteries. Their large size, low lifespan, and low capacity are disadvantages that are unacceptable today. What is more, it contains toxic metals and is environmentally unfriendly.

NiMH are also batteries that will not delight us with their vitality and capacity. These days it is not easy to meet them, yet you have to check twice if your carrier is not offering it, as this battery type is definitely not worth recommending.

These are the most common batteries in smartphones. They gained their popularity thanks to the great energy-to-weight ratio. Some of them can work for many hours, ensuring very high comfort of using the smartphone. The low price of such battery is also a great advantage. 

The latest type of links you can find on smartphones. The batteries are vital, capacious and at the same time smaller than the popular lithium-ion ones. These types of batteries are slowly entering the market and soon we will meet them in many new smartphones.

This briefly discussed topic will answer the question which batteries you absolutely do not choose, and they are the first two. Once you see Nickel in battery name, run away!Mobile Phones Batteries

How to choose a long-lasting smartphone?

Not only the type of battery decides about its life-lasting. Nowadays phones are more efficient, have a better screen, often packed with additional modules to improve the functionality of the phone. However, it does not always go hand in hand with a powerful battery, which makes the users complain. Too intensive use of the smartphone may end up carrying the charger everywhere with you. Fortunately, manufacturers are beginning to pay more attention to this aspect, so you can find a phone that will not discharge after a few hours of surfing the net.

So how do you choose a smartphone with a durable battery? Among the high budget models, you can easily find a rugged smartphone with a good battery that does not require charging so often. The best example is here Huawei P30 Pro, with one of the best batteries. We truly recommend this model, as it can work for almost 2 days! Other devices, that are high in this year rankings are Motorola Moto G7 PowerSamsung Galaxy S10+CAT Phones S41, iPhone XR or Samsung Galaxy A50

However, it should be remembered that device's life also largely dependents on the operation that we perform. Also, the new battery will certainly be more efficient than the one we have been using for two years now. So if you are about to buy a new mobile, and you want to have a good battery in it, the best solution is to come along with the reviews regarding each of the considered phones. As it was written above, not only the battery type determines the performance of the phone. There are many aspects that you need to pay your attention to when assessing the durability of the battery. If, however, there still is an old phone in your pocket, with a non-ideal battery, see how to extend battery life by activating Power Saving Mode. We also recommend buying a Power Bank that will be your superhero once the most durable battery will be discharged and you will not find a contact nearby!

Charging the Battery

By Marta Luber on 25 Jul 2019

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