Solve the black screen in iPhone

The "black screen" and the lack of response of the iPhone is a common problem that occurs to iPhone users. Although this problem looks quite serious, it is actually very easy to solve. Let’s see how to handle such situations.

If your iPhone has stopped responding to attempts to activate it and demonstrates the so-called "black screen" then there's still no reason to give it to the APPLE service. According to the iPhone troubleshooting guide posted on the official APPLE websites, there is a way to quickly and easily restore your phone to work without having to spend money on repairs.

Diagnose the "black screen" problem on your iPhone

In order to solve a problem with your phone, you have to be sure of the issue you are facing. Follow these steps in order to diagnose the reason of the frozen phone:

1. Turn off the sounds on your phone. In order to check if your phone is responding to your commands, use the sound switcher. If the iPhone vibrates it means that it is turned on and the problem is in the display itself.

2. Restart the iPhone by switching off your phone and turn it on again. In order to do it use the Sleep / Wake button for a few seconds. Afterwards the Red Slider should appear on the screen, move the slider and wait until the device will be completely shut down. Then hold down the same button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. If the whole operation succeeds it means that the iPhone just jammed and now it is ready to use.

HardReset your device

Solving "black screen" problem

If the black screen does not disappear, connect your phone to the charger and simultaneously press the two buttons: Home + Power key or Volume Down + Power button depends on what version of the device you are using. You ought to hold down both keys for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. In some cases, the battery icon may also appear, which means that the phone needs to be recharged.

Factory Reset your device

If your phone still does not react to all methods above you can try to perform the hard reset (factory reset) operation. In order to check out how to do it use our website and find the appropriate tutorial with your smartphone.

By Sebastian on Sep 24, 2017