How does the Optimize and Speed Up option work on Samsung phones?

Device maintenance features in SAMSUNG phones provide the user with an overview of their device's battery, memory, and system security status. Newer models even give the user an option of automatically optimizing their device with a single press, by choosing which processes to end, which files to delete from memory, and checking if there are any software risks. In short, such a procedure improves the device's performance through the following actions:

   • Clearing some system memory.
   • Deleting uneeded files and closing unused apps running in the background.
   • Managing abnormal battery usage.
   • Scanning for crashed apps and malware.

With the guide below, you can learn how to access the Optimization features of your Samsung phone and how to pick the correct performance option that best fits your daily phone usage. 

Device Care and Quick System Speed Optimization options on your Phone

1. While in your phone's main screen, swipe to the Apps.
2. Touch Settings.HardReset your device
3. Go to Device maintenance.Factory Reset your device
4. Touch the big OPTIMIZE NOW option.Master Reset your device
5. The device will now go through all options and speed up your phone, touch DONE once finished.Wipe data on your device


By Marek Pawelczyk on Apr 4, 2019