10 Apr 2018

Where to download the newest version of SPFlash Tool?

Download link for SPFlash Tool Software by version

SPFlash Tool version Download Link Changelog
v5.2112.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.2112.00.000.7z
  • new processor supported aka Dimensity 900
  • bugfix
v5.2104.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.2104.00.000.7z
  • new processor supported aka Dimensity 1200
  • bugfix
v5.2052.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.2052.00.000.7z
  • new processor supported aka Dimensity 1100
  • new processor supported aka Dimensity 720
  • bugfix
v5.2044.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.2044.00.000.7z
  • new processor supported aka Dimensity 1000C
  • new processor supported aka Dimensity 820
  • bugfix
v5.2036.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.2036.00.000.7z
  • new processor supported aka Dimensity 1100
  • bugfix
v5.2032.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.2032.00.000.7z
  • new processor supported aka Dimensity 1000+
  • bugfix
v5.2028.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.2028.00.000.7z
  • new processor supported aka Dimensity 800 5G
  • bugfix
v5.2020.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.2020.00.000.7z
  • new processor supported aka Dimensity 800
  • bugfix
v5.2016.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.2016.00.000.7z
  • new processor supported aka Dimensity 1000
  • bugfix
v5.1952.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1952.00.000.7z
  • new processor supported
  • new flash ic supported
  • bugfix
v5.1944.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1944.00.000.7z
  • new processor supported
  • new flash ic supported
v5.1936.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1936.00.000.7z
  • new flash ic supported
v5.1924.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1924.00.000.7z
  • bug fixed
  • new flash ic supported
v5.1912.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1912.00.000.7z
  • MT6771/6765 support revised
  • MT6765/MT6762 support optimized
v5.1904.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1904.00.000.7z
  • new flash ic added
  • bugfix
v5.1844.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1844.00.000.7z
  • Platform - MT8172 support activated
  • Platform - MT8173 support activated
  • Platform - MT8176 support activated
  • Platform - MT2601 support activated
v5.1836.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1836.00.000.7z
  • bugfix
  • new flash ic
  • new processor MT6763 support added
v5.1828.01.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1828.00.000.7z
  • bugfix
  • new processor MT6758 support added
v5.1824.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1824.00.000.7z
  • bugfix
  • stable improvements
  • new processor MT6771 support added
v5.1820.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1820.00.000.7z
  • stable improvements
  • new processor MT6765 support added
v5.1816.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1816.00.000.7z
  • bugfix
  • stable improvements
v5.1812.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1812.00.000.7z
  • new helio x20 CPU added
v5.1804.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1804.00.000.7z
  • bugfix version
  • mt6752 support added
v5.1752.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1752.00.000.7z
  • mt6739 support added
  • mt6737m / mt6737 support added
v5.1744.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1744.00.000.7z
  • mt6582 support added
v5.1708.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1708.00.000.7z
  • special version for Meizu phones
v5.1524.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v5.1524.00.000.7z
  • most stable version if got any error with other SPFlash Tool with any phone using this version
v3.1313.00.000 sp_flash_tool_exe_windows_v3.1313.00.000.7z
  • first stable version does not work with almost all newer phone

SPFlash Tool Problems:

Switching off the phone completely (the phone has a built-in, non-removable battery).

  1. Press and hold the power button and vol - button together and keep pressed. After 8 sec (when the phone turns off) release the power button but keep pressed volume - for a few seconds more, then release it. Now your phone should stay off.
  2. Connect to USB and wait for charging the battery a few seconds then unplug USB. Now your device is in a COLD START state.

"PMT Changed" error

If you get an error like "PMT Changed" (it means that the partition scheme of the current ROM and the new ROM are different) make sure that the ROM is specific for your device you can use a special version of Flashtool 3.xx that bypass this error.

If you want to learn more about SPFlash Tool or read the operating instructions, you can find everything here.

By Wojtek Góralczyk on 10 Apr 2018

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