10 Apr 2018

What is SPFlash Tool and what can we use it for?

SPFlash Tool for MTK SmartPhones

SP Flash Tool is MediaTek's equivalent tool for low level flashing like Odin on Samsung devices or RK Batch Tool on RockChip SoC.

What mean SPFlash Tool is a low-level flash tool

It's deeper than normal Android flashing. As a result of this operation, you can backup and restore all parts of your NAND chip, and all partitions, not just Android and kernel specific ones such as boot, system, data, cache but also nvram, uboot, GSM radio and all other parts.

Main parts are:

Both are essential. If you don't have preloader.bin in your phone memory, you may have a hard brick that is unable to revive unless use jtag or board remains dead. So, whatever you are doing, keep in mind that you must always have preloader.bin in your phone. If you are using format tools, don't ever format the preloader area. This SP Flash Tool is must have the backup option as this is the only way for You to make a complete backup of all partitions and block devices in your phone. You must note that some files like NVRAM are unit specific, they contain IMEI, SN and GSM calibration data. You can't use that from another phone, even if it's from the same manufacturer and model. Exactly why everyone should have their own full backup made with SP Flash Tool. And why should you use SP Flash Tool for restore? If you asking me, I'm happiest when I don't need to, but there are cases when it's the only solution because no matter how hard you brick your phone, as long as the preloader sits inside, you will be able to restore it to fully working state, way as opposite for custom recoveries which requires some working partitions (recovery, boot, ...) SP Flash Tool is so powerful that you may install custom recovery even without root.

Version change

Necessary Tools and Drivers

  1. MTK USB Drivers.
  2. SPFlash Tool - latest version Smart Phone Flash Tool.
  3. ADB and Fastboot Tools and Drivers.
  4. Scatter File for your phone

What SPFlash Tool can do

Video Tutorials related to SPFlash Tool

By Wojtek Góralczyk on 10 Apr 2018

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