02 Jul 2020

How to stop Skype from starting automatically Windows 10

The application's autostart function was created to help users by depriving them of the need to run manually selected programs immediately after starting Windows 10. Thanks to this function, we should own a system that will be ready to work with all the necessary applications that are installed on the device. Unfortunately, there are undesirable problems associated with this supposedly very easy to use function. Sometimes it happens that some programs start to run automatically against our volition. Luckily, we can take control of it.


Automatic startup from Skype communicator can be useful, but sometimes it is good to avoid it. There are many situations when it is not desirable to automatically start the Skype application, for example when we share a device with several users or when we simply do not want to be online right after turning on the device. Fortunately, Windows 10 gives us the ability to quickly and successfully manage the automatic launch of this application.

How to stop Skype from Skype Settings?

We will focus on how to solve the problem with the intrusive appearance of Skype right after starting Windows 10. Probably many of you were shocked when you realized that the Skype application automatically started, you were logged in to it and worked continuously in the background. Automatic login can only be turned off in Skype 7 and older versions of this application. In Skype 8 we can only turn off an automatic startup, but there is no option to disable automatic login, and if you would like to disable the option mentioned, we suggest you remove this version of the application and install the classic version.

Let's follow the instruction below and learn how to turn off automatic launch apps in Windows 10:

  1. To successfully disable the automatic startup of Skype, open the Skype application and click on '...' to expand the list of available functions.
    skype settings
  2. Now, choose Settings.;
    skype settings1
  3. In the end, uncheck Automatically start Skype.
    uncheck auto skype
  4. Well done! From now on, the Skype app will not start automatically.

skype picture

How to stop Skype from starting automatically Windows 10?

The second method to disable automatic startup of Skype applications is to use Windows 10 settings. This is a very simple way, you just need to get to the application settings and then turn off the autostart options.

Follow the steps below to stop Skype app from starting automatically on your computer.

  1. At first click on Start button.
  2. Next, tap on Settings icon.
    Settings icon windows
  3. In this step, from all folders you should select Apps.
    settings app windows
  4. Now, click on Start-up to open a full list of apps that can be configured to start when you log in.
    settings start up windows
  5. In the last step, uncheck Skype to successfully disable automatic launch of the application.
    uncheck Settings

As you can see, it's not difficult. Choose the most convenient method of stopping the application from starting automatically and enjoy the comfortable use of your device!

By Anna Grudzień on 02 Jul 2020

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