25 Feb 2020

Tethering – what it actually is?

Often do we hear something about Tethering and Portable Hotspot or Mobile Network Sharing. But do you really know what is it all about? Have you ever thought about why it is worth using? Or what are the advantages or disadvantages of sharing network? Maybe you know nothing about tethering, and you are here to learn all the details - from those very primary to some more advance. No matter why are you looking for information regarding tethering, all the details are included below and you will find the answers to all your questions.

Tethering... what it actually is?

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Tethering details, credits to unsplash 

What is tethering?

In a nutshell and simplification, tethering allows you to use your smartphone as a router. So it's nothing else than sharing your phone's internet connection with other devices. As long as your smartphone has access to the network via the operator, you can make your computer, tablet or any other smart device use this connection.
Remember, that when your network connection is active, you can still make and receive calls and texts on your phone.

Why shall I use tethering?

Tethering is amazingly useful when you have no access to Wi-Fi, yet you need to use the internet on your computer, tablet or any other device. All you need is a phone with a data packet and tethering option, which nowadays is located in almost all smartphones. Tethering also increases the security of using the network outside, for example in some shops, cafes, parks, public transport and so on. This is definitely way more safe option than connecting with some random Wi-Fi networks in cafes or restaurants. You may ask why, while the answer is pretty simple. By using the Internet provided by your operator you do not face the risk of connection with some cheat substituted Wi-Fi. Tethering is the most convenient way to connect a device with the internet. Moreover, tethering is super useful when your home Wi-Fi connection for some reason is not working.

Tethering Advantages & Disadvantages


the portable hotspot is usually a faster connection than public Wi-Fi, such as those offered in bars, hostels, cafes or shop malls

tethering definitely is safer than any network offered by some cafes, trains, hotels and so on

the portable hotspot is never limited to one device only, most often an internet connection can be used by up to 10 devices at the same time


even the very best 4G is not able to complete with the proper Wi-Fi hotspot

browsing the internet on your laptop or tablet tends to consume way more data than searching directly on your phone, and not always the whole tethering will be covered by your mobile contract

wireless tethering leads to rapid battery discharge, as the intensive and constant internet connection definitely consumes more power than the regular smartphone usage

Network Sharing, picture credits: unsplash

How to activate Portable Hotspot in Android?

Let's learn how to quickly and easily enable Portable Hotspot in your Android smartphone. Remember, that the following instruction may differ slightly from the steps in your smartphone, yet even if it's for some other Android version, the general rule is very similar, so you will find those options in the same places, however names can have some lil differences.

How to use Portable Hotspot in APPLE iOS?

Here you will learn how to enable Wi-Fi hotspot in your APPLE iPhone. Follow the steps and without any trouble share the internet via your iOS device.

By Marta Luber on 25 Feb 2020

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