26 Mar 2019

What are the best Trip Planning Apps of 2019?

Take a look at the Best Trip Planner Apps.

Nowadays, traveling all around the world is easier than ever. Basically, all you need is time. It is not the budget that limits you anymore, but the imagination and resistance to different conditions. You can leave the house with 1 or 10,000 dollars. However, there is something truly important regardless of the type of travel, destination, and way of moving.. and it is the plan of your journey. Although spontaneous trips have their own, unique magic, we all know that the basis for a good trip is even a mini-organization and planning.

In this internet world, finding information about some particular place is extremely simple. Yet, the multitude and diversity of information can overwhelm you quite quickly. It can easily take all the planning fun out.

Let's look at the amazingly useful applications that can help you in planning the journey from general to specific.

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Google Trips

Google Trips App helps in the organization your journey from scratch. You can have all the essential journey details in one place. What is more, it can be available offline if you download it.
Check out what is nearby, remember about your reservations, do not forget about the places recommended by your friends. Find out all the special offers around and go to the most suitable cafes, restaurants and pubs.

Available options:

Biggest Pros: functioning without an internet connection

Main Cons:  frequent skipping trip-related messages while doing an auto-pull from Gmail.

Working on: IOS, Android

How to use Google Trips App

  1. First of all, you have to open your App Store and locate Google Trips
  2. Download the Application.
  3. Log in with your Gmail account.
  4. Pick the destination in the Where do you want to go tab. 
    Google Trips Tutorial Google Trips Tutorial
  5. Pick Create trip and select the period of time that you will be staying in the selected city. When everything is set up, tap on DONE
    Google Trips Tutorial Google Trips Tutorial
  6. If you would like to change the name of your journey, select the pen icon, erase current text and add a new one. 
    Google Trips Tutorial Google Trips Tutorial Google Trips Tutorial
  7. Add the reservations, or download them from your Gmail.  
    Google Trips Tutorial Google Trips Tutorial Google Trips Tutorial
  8. Take a look at the Things to do in this city. You can pick the Indoors, Outdoors activities, Kids Friendly Places, Some places further away or all places set up alphabetically.  
    Google Trips Tutorial Google Trips Tutorial Google Trips Tutorial
  9. If your friends recommend you some breathtaking places, add them to Saved places.
    Google Trips Tutorial Google Trips Tutorial
  10. Pic Day plans and by tapping on plus add all your daily approaches. 
    Google Trips Tutorial Google Trips Tutorial Google Trips Tutorial
  11. In order to find the available promotions select Discounts where you will find all the special offers nearby. 
    Google Trips Tutorial Google Trips Tutorial
  12. When you want to locate the best pub, café or restaurant pick Food&Drink. Go through all the recommended places, take a look at how they were rated and select the one most suitable for your taste and wallet. 
    Google Trips Tutorial Google Trips Tutorial
  13. Download your trip plan to make sure its always with you, even if there is no network connection. 
    Google Trips Tutorial Google Trips Tutorial


TripHobo will help you with organization trips by showing you the best attractions around the world. The whole journey will be personalized and adjusted to your preferences and needs.
You can come up with your own, unique idea or get a trip plan suggested by experts. You can create Trip Plan, inspire yourself by reading Blogs and Holiday Ideas. What is more, you can find and book a hotel through this app.

Available options:

Biggest Pros: booking option available and properly working

Main Cons: not available on Android

Working on: IOS

How to use TripHobo

  1. First of all, download TripHobo from the Appstore.
  2. Then, log in either with by creating an account or via Facebook.
  3. Open the app and start from selecting Create a Trip Plan TripHobo Tutorial
  4. Enter tour starting City, departure date and time.
    There is also a possibility to pick not sure about dates.  
    TripHobo Tutorial TripHobo Tutorial TripHobo Tutorial
  5. Select the transport that you will be using. 
  6. Add some more cities that you want to visit on the road.  
      TripHobo Tutorial   TripHobo Tutorial
  7. Now, tap on Add a Pre-book Hotel if you have one.
    Otherwise, you can look for it in this app and book it.   TripHobo Tutorial
  8. It’s time to get a trip plan or create your own. Just pick the suitable option.  TripHobo Tutorial
  9. Plan the details like the duration of each visit, restaurants and other attractions that you have.
  10. Search your attractions by name, date or another category.
  11. Finally, Save to Draft or pick Finish Planning
      Remove screen password on your device   Remove Screen Lock on your device
  12. That’s it. Now you can follow you perfectly organized plan.

Culture Trip

Culture trip helps in exploring local culture in the chosen destination. This App is a perfect solution if you like traveling off the beaten path.
The best option for those who are interested not only in the most well-known tourist spots but uninhibited corners and entering the everyday life of locals. It gives you an ability to check out Art&Music spots, best places to eat and drink, hotels to stay, nearby theatres, and even movies about each destination to make you fall in love with the place before your journey.

Available options:

Biggest Pros: well-organized plan for unknown nooks and crannies

Main Cons: some functions sometimes stutter

Working on: Android, IOS

How to use Culture Trip

  1. At the very beginning, download CultureTrip from the AppStore.
  2. Secondly, sing up either with your Google Account or Facebook.   Culture Trip Tutorial
  3. You can personalize your recommendation now, or skip it and set it all later.  Culture Trip Tutorial
  4. In the Discover a city tab, enter the name of the city you are planning to visit. 
    Culture Trip Tutorial Culture Trip Tutorial Culture Trip Tutorial
  5. Then, tap on Filter icon to see all available options.  Culture Trip Tutorial
  6. Select the options that you are interested in and tap on GO.   Culture Trip Tutorial
  7. Now you can see all the essential information about the place you are going to see. Slide down to see them all, and pick each detail by tapping.  
    Culture Trip Tutorial Culture Trip Tutorial Culture Trip Tutorial
  8. Tap on the heart icon to leave a like under the article. 
    Culture Trip Tutorial Culture Trip Tutorial
  9. Pick download file to have it on your device to read the article offline. 
    Culture Trip Tutorial Culture Trip Tutorial Culture Trip Tutorial
  10. Select Bookmark icon to add info to your Wishlist, so you can come back to this post whenever you want to.  
    Culture Trip Tutorial Culture Trip Tutorial
  11. If you have not created a Wishlist yet, just tap on Plus icon and type a suitable name. 
    Culture Trip Tutorial Culture Trip Tutorial
  12. By tapping on Share, you can send it to your friends or post on Fabecook, Instagram, Twitteror Pinterest
    Culture Trip Tutorial Culture Trip Tutorial
  13. Great job! 

As you can see trip planning, gathering information and inspiration has never been easier. These three, listed above applications make visiting and exploring the world easier than ever.
Choose the one that is compatible with your needs, interests, and preferences. Explore the world with these extremely helpful apps and enjoy each of your journeys!

By Marta Luber on 26 Mar 2019

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