29 Sep 2020

How to set up TP-Link Archer C80?

For the past few weeks, the HardReset.info team had the pleasure to test one of the newest routers from TP-Link. Archer C80 is a reasonably priced router with great capabilities, it offers the latest Wi-Fi ac standard and MU-MIMO 3x3 technology. MU-MIMO stands for Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output, technology which gives smartphones and other smart devices the possibility to contact router using multiple channels at the same time. The next great technology used in TP-Link Archer C80 is beamforming, directional signal transmission. The maximum transmission speed for 2.4 GHz is 600Mb/s, for 5 GHz network maximum speed is 1300 Mb/s.

TP-Link routers can be configured both by the browser or by dedicated TP-Link Tether App, which you can download and install in Google Play Store and App Store. TP-LINK Tether app in Google Play Store To access settings by the web browser you need to input in the address field of the browser. I would like to present to you the best features which you can set up and change in the TP-Link software.

Parental control lets you control all websites, videos, and every other content which can be accessed via TP-Link Archer C80 on the Internet. All you need to do is to Open Advanced Settings and add a new filter. You will need to enter all the keywords you want to block.

  add parental control filter

  filter keyword add

Another important feature, that you can change is the language. Select from the list of all supported languages, choose the one which suits you the most and click Save to change the language.

  language change

The most important thing you should always change when you are configuring a new router is choosing the Wi-Fi encryption type and setting up your individual and unique password. In Archer C80 it is very easy, just open Advanced Settings and then Wireless Settings. There you can choose how to secure your home Wi-Fi network and set up a password. We strongly recommend choosing WPA2 encryption type and setting up a password with at least one capital letter and one digit.

  WiFi setup

Another good solution to prevent unwanted users to access your network is to enable MAC address filtering. You will need to add MAC addresses of devices that you don't want to in your home Wi-Fi network to the so-called Blacklist, and then those devices wouldn't connect to your network even if they enter the right password. You can also do it the other way around and create Whitelist, then only devices that are added to this list will be able to establish a connection with TP-Link Archer C80.

tp link tether app mac address filtering

TP-Link gives you the possibility to access router settings remotely. All you need to is to set up a free account either on TP-Link Cloud, No-IP or DynDNS, and enter the domain name, username and password. Then your dynamic IP address will be constantly checked, updated, and bounded with the domain name. You will be able to set up an FTP or hosting server on your home computer, without the necessity to have a static IP Address.

  dynamic dns

Remember that, all features mentioned above and many more can be changed also in the dedicated TP-Link Tether app, available for Android and iOS.

tp link tether app

By Maciej Korzeniowski on 29 Sep 2020

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