How to track Android phone?

As we all know, different stories happen. No matter how cautious we are, we can lose our smartphone or it can be stolen. Whether such a situation occurs in a metro station with a bit pickpocket help or in some foreign country while holiday fiesta, always it is a drag to reach for your beloved mobile phone.

Thankfully, we’ve got great news for all Android users. There are plenty of apps and services dedicated to such situations. Below you will find the best tips for such situations. With those features, designed for such occasions, you will be able to track down and locate Android smartphone once stolen or lost.

You just have to remember, that your smartphone cannot be tracked unless it is switched on and connected to the network. These are the necessary conditions.

Anti Theft Apps

Google’s Find My Device

Google "built-in" function is, in our opinion, the very best feature for all Android users. Find My Device will help you in finding your lost smartphone, then it will play a loud, alarm sound and it will also give you a possibility to lock device until you get it back, erase all data stored on it and even show a message you want to share with the potential thief or some who will find this phone. Simply log in to your Google account on someone’s else smartphone or PC and perform all those actions.

All you have to do is to log into Google Account. Immediately after that, Find My Device is automatically turned on.

How to check if Find My Device is active?

  1. At the very beginning, open the Settings.
  2. Secondly, find and pick Security & privacy.
    Security & privacy
  3. From the available options, pick Find My Device.
    Find My Device
  4. And here it is! The tick next to Find My Device should be active.
    Find Android


Third-party apps

Even though we find Google’s built-in option best of the best, yet you may also want to meet some other applications, with similar functions. Below you will find just two of them, but there is a whole range of possibilities as Google Store is fulfilled with such apps.

  1. Family LogoFamily Locator

The Family Locator app by Life360 is kind of a GPS tracker for smartphones. It is dedicated to families, but obviously, you can use it with your friends as well. All the app’ users become a “circle” and if they consent to have their phones tracked in real-time, then everybody will know the current phone’s localization. Based on such a mechanism, this app allows you to track your smartphone from within your Circle if it is ever lost or stolen.

  1. Prey Anti TheftPrey Anti Theft

Another application that may protect your smartphone. It works similarly to all of them, so it will give you the ability to sound an alarm, take and see screenshots if it is in use and lock the device.
As only you download this Application, you will be provided with plenty of tutorials to show you how to take advantage of all Prey Anti Theft’s functions. What is more, it allows you to protect up to 3 devices.


No matter which option you choose, important is the awareness that device losing is not the end of the whole story. Then, with presented gadgets, you can become Sherlock Holmes or maybe more Inspector Gadget. Do not give up once your digital friend is stolen. Just activate one of those features and track the thief

You can also come along with some other methods of device protection which are presented in How to protect your mobile handset and its contents.



By Marta Luber on Jul 26, 2019