23 Jan 2017

UDID - all you need to know

What is it the UDID?

The UDID (Unique Data Item Description) it is a unique device number assigned to every iOS device such as iPhone, iPod, iPad. The UDID is 40-characters long and it is made up of both numbers and letters.

Here you can see the example of the mentioned number f05c690ac130d030f9191062798963c2dd1f264d

Why do you need to know your UDID Code?

The UDID is required to use the Apple iOS Developer Program, and thus to unlock installation of the test releases iOS'a (all Beta versions). This acronym holds the information about Find My iPhone activation status.

How to an active installation of Beta version on your device?

You need to register your UDID on the Registered Developers Account. You can do it from one of the internet services.

How is the UDID calculate?

If you are interested in the process of generating the UDID number you can read equations the below and their explanations:

The newer version of iOS (iPhone 4 and all newer devices)

  1. Equation:  UDID = SHA1(serial + ECID + wifiMac + bluetoothMac)
  2. Explanations:

The older version of iOS:

  1. Equation:  UDID = SHA1(serial + ECID + wifiMac + bluetoothMac)
  2. Explanations:

The string created by the following receipt is converted by the SHA1 Hash Algorithm

How to check UDID on your device?

  1. At the very beginning connect your device to PC by using Apple USB Cable.
  2. Afterwards, open iTunes on your computer and choose the iPhone icon. Format your device
  3. In the next step you have click on the Serial Number. Restore your device
  4. Excellent! The UDID appears on the screen. Remove screen password on your device
  5. You can right click in order to copy the following number. Remove Screen Lock on your device

By Sebastian Ziomek on 23 Jan 2017

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