07 Jul 2020

How to use Developer Option features

What is Developer Options? This is the hidden menu of your phone, which has many useful and unique tools. It will help you discover a lot of new features and specialties of your gadget. If you discover Developer Options, you'll make the phone convenient for yourself.

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So why did manufacturers hide these features from users? The developers did this so that non-novice users are not confused about some options.
Let's look at additional phone features together! But before we get into the details, we need to enable Developer Options on the Android device (HUAWEI P30 Pro served as an example).

In this article you will learn more about such features of your phone:

How to enable Developer Options

  1. First of all, unlock your device and go to the "Settings" menu.


  2. Afterward, you need to find and choose the "System".


  3. This is the time to click on "Developer Options" button.


  4. Success! As you can see, a list of new features of your phone has appeared.
  5. Now it remains only to activate it. You have to click on the button opposite the inscription "Developer options" and begin to thoroughly analyze all of the functions.



Desktop backup password

One of the first most important functions of your phone is the "Desktop backup password". This function allows you to create a password, which can reliably encrypt the backup data of your device. To create such a password, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. In the first step, click on the button "Desktop backup password".


  2. Several windows appear on your phone screen, in which you can enter a password. Remember, that you cannot forget it, since without new password there will be no opportunity to use backup copies of your phone.


  3. After entering the password, click "OK". Now your desktop backup password is saved.


USB debugging

The USB debugging function allows you to perform various operations on the device from a computer via a USB cable. In this way, you can back up your device to the desktop computer (USB debugging must be enabled for this).

1_usb_debugging 2_usb_debugging

Types of animation scales

The next important point is the animation scales. With the help of the developer options, you can regulate them (there are only three types of animations: the window animation scale, the transition animation scale, and the animator duration scale). The animation quality of your phone depends on these scales, which control an amount of processor work. Thus, if you select a large value, you will load the phone processor, but improve the quality animation.

To change the visual quality of your device, follow the instructions below:

  1. To start, choose the type of animation you need.
    faq_animation_1 faq_animation_2 faq_animation_3
  2. Now you need to click on the selected animation quality.
    faq_animation_4 faq_animation_5 faq_animation_6

Force 4x MSAA

If you want to improve the graphics of your game on the phone, you need to Enable MSAA for OpenGL games. Rendering your game graphics will be much better, but your device’s battery may begin to discharge faster.

To activate this function of the phone, you need to press the switch opposite the inscription "Force 4x MSAA" in the list of the Developer options.


Standby Apps

You also should pay attention to the item "Standby Apps". This hidden feature will allow you to limit the selected applications (thus, application, which causes errors on the phone, will no longer be inconvenient). At the "Standby Apps" you can assign a specific category to the application. There are only four such categories: Active (device system will not impose restrictions on the application), Working Set (the system will impose moderate restrictions on the application), Frequent (the system will impose severe restrictions on the application and on the Firebase Cloud Messaging messages) and Rare (this is the high priority restrictions. System will limit the application not only in starting tasks and alarms but also in getting FCM messages and connecting to the Internet).

  1. To activate the "Standby Apps", you need to click on this function in the list of the Developer options.


  2. Then you need to select the application you want to limit.


  3. After that, a window will appear in which you should select the type of restriction (Active, Working Set, Frequent or Rare).

Remember, if after the category-changing application starts to function incorrectly, you need to change the category to the initial one.

Select mock location app

This feature will help activate the mock location in the selected application. You only need to give your permission to do so. For this you have to:

  1. Click on the "Select mock location app" in the list of the Developer options.


  2. After that, you have to choose "Nothing" and select the desired application from the list.


Smallest width

This feature will allow you to get the best resolution for your phone screen (create the effect of a higher DPI value on your display). To activate this option you have to:

  1. Click on the "Smallest width" in the list of the Developer options.


  2. Now you can increase the value of DPI gradually (care nuin so as not to damage the interface). We suggest increasing the indicated number by 10 dp at a time, and then try again until the desired result is achieved.


By Oleksandra Prylutska on 07 Jul 2020

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