How to perform a Security Scan on XIAOMI phones?

What is Security Scan and where is it located?

With the newer Xiaomi phones getting affected with viruses more often due to Android's continued evolution, Xiaomi decided their newer devices will come with a pre-installed Security application. You can use its vast array of functions to better maintain your phone's overall health.

We will focus on the Security Scan function and how using it and the rest of Security applications can help make your device safer and defend you from any and all malware. The Security Scan regularly checks your device for any possibly malicious software and provides solutions on how to deal with them.

How to run the Security Scan yourself?

  1. From your phone's main menu, navigate to the Security app.HardReset your device
  2. Around the lower part of the screen, select Security Scan.Factory Reset your device
  3. If not done before, Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Wait for the scan to be completed.Master Reset your device
  5. If your device has any virus or malware problems, you will be asked to Ignore or Uninstall the app it came from.

That's it! Remember to scan your phone every once in a while and avoid opening software from unknown sources!



By Marek Pawelczyk on Mar 28, 2019