26 Feb 2020

What happens when you turn on your phone in Do Not Disturb Mode?

We all know situations when we need our device to be totally silent, sometimes we cannot allow any calls or messages to disturb us or other people who are staying near us like in a theatre, during an exam or a formal meeting. That's why our devices have a special mode called Do Not Disturb. So let's learn more about Do Not Disturb Mode and be ready to use it whenever you need to.


Do Not Disturb Mode - what is it and how to use it?

Do Not Disturb is a special option imprinted into your device. Turning on and activating this mode will totally mute all notifications. What does it mean? Your device will not disturb you with any calls or messages, you'll not even notice that someone called you. Do Not Disturb mode allows the device to mute all sounds, vibrations, and lightning the screen when the screen is locked. Where you can localize this mode? You should easily find it in the Settings menu.

Keep in mind that this mode will work in specific situations. Muting all calls and messages will work only when you do not use your device and the screen is locked, which means that the screen is darkened and does not react to your touch. The other thing you have to remember about is that the Do Not Disturb Mode does not affect the alarms. It means that all alerts you've previously set up will be noticeable anyway (even with activated mode.

Locked screen

As many modes this one also has options and settings, which you can freely customize. Do Not Disturb gives you an ability to schedule the time when it will be activated. You can choose from many options, such as days of the week when you want to mute your device or choose specific hours. This option is highly useful for ex. when you decide you don't need any disturbance at night while you're sleeping or while you're at work or university. Scheduling the time will let your device know when it should be silenced and will do it automatically.

Let's be honest, there are some calls, which are more important than a meeting or theatre spectacle. That's why Do Not Disturb Mode allows some exceptions and there are two types of them. The very first is a contact call - you can add a specific number to a list. After that messages and calls from this contact will not be muted, so you won't miss any contact attempt from this person. The second type of exception is a call from the same person/number more than once within a short period of time. Thanks to this option, you'll never miss urgent calls and situations which absolutely need your attention.

Is the Do Not Disturb Mode useful? Let's be honest - it absolutely is! You've learned what it is and what kind of options it offers. So why don't you test it by yourself? Check out below instructions to enter this mode easily.

How to enter Do Not Disturb Mode on Android?

If you're not sure where you can find proper settings, then let's watch below video-instruction. Step by step you'll see where you should look for sound settings and how to personalize them.

How to enter Do Not Disturb Mode on iOS?

If you're the owner of an APPLE device and want to find sound settings and set up the Do Not Disturb Mode, simply watch the attached video and follow the instructions.

By Daria Siewierska on 26 Feb 2020

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