28 Oct 2021

What is an IP Address?

In the huge world of the internet, we need a way to easily identify different devices, websites, and all of that stuff. The solution to that problem is IP addresses, and this article will show you what it is and how exactly it works.

What is an IP Address??

You can think of an IP Address as a unique identifier of your device in the network. It is made out of four numbers in the range of 0-255, which means that the full addressing goes from to! The IP address is required if you want to access the internet using your device. There are two main standards of an IP protocol: IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4 is the one you probably see the most, it is easier to understand than IPv6. But here's a problem, the IPv4 pool is not infinite, and we've run out of IPv4 addresses on 25 November 2019 and that's where IPv6 comes in, it offers a lot more possible IP addresses to use, but it's slightly more complicated to understand.

ip address example

This is an example of an IP address, it is built using 32 bits, where half of it is called the network part and the other one is called the host part. The network part is responsible for holding the unique number of your network, while the host part is responsible for identifying a specific device.

There is also another thing worth talking about, your IP address (for example at home) is not permanent, the IP address of your device changes based on the network it is currently connected to, so don't get to attached to it! But if you're a network administrator, you can use a very special thing called Static IP address, which you can use to assign a static, unchanging IP address to a specific device, you can see an example of this done on a windows machine. 

How to get your device's (current) IP address?

There are certain ways to get your device's IP address. You can find the public IP Address of your device for free on Imei.info. The are many possibilities and all of them are valid, you can even google What's my IP address to quickly get your device's public IP address. IP address on google

By Maciej Oliwa on 28 Oct 2021

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