24 Jun 2019

What is IMEISV?

You definitely know what IMEI number is, but hardly anyone knows the concept of IMEISV. So let us show you what this secret number is and what it is actually for.

What is IMEI SV?

IMEI SV literally stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity - Software Version. IMEISV differs from the regular IMEI by consisting the 16-digits long code - two last numbers are additional, they identify the software/firmware version (SV). This parameter is used to send the appropriate software version to the device by the manufacturer whenever any newer update is available.
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What the individual numbers mean

Each IMEISV element can contain only decimal numbers. And that is how the whole diagram of the construction of the international mobile station identification number, including software version (IMEISV), looks like: 

6 digits (TAC) + 2 digits (FAC) + 6 digits (SNR) + 2 digits (SVN) = IMEISV (16 digits)

By marking the devices, the manufacturer protects TAC, FAC, and SNR against unauthorized changes. The TAC type approval code is determined by the GSMA and the final location of the FAC device is coded by the manufacturer.
Your device's IMEISV can be found in your smartphone's menu and in most cases on the original boxes' label.


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By Marta Luber on 24 Jun 2019

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