What is Instagram all about?

What actually Instagram is and what is its purpose?


Whenever there is a brand new, extremely fast increasing popularity application, it generates thousands of debates over its usefulness, rightness and purpose in which it has been created. Simply if it is “good” or “bad" and if we can even qualify it this way. So here we have Instagram, which is present from almost 10 years now, and it is difficult to compete with its popularity.  
Have you ever wondered why is Instagram that famous? What actually is this trendy app? Is it really that cool as it seems to be? Is it only a vanity market where people can cure their complexes by collecting likes or maybe it is an awesome place to collect and exchange inspirations?

Let us compare all the pros and cons of Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram has become one of the most influential social networks with over 800 million users worldwide.
Let's compare its advantages and disadvantages, which all start with taking more and more photos and videos.

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  1. Sharing content

Instagram enables posting photos and videos with the descriptions and hashtags, so it can be easily found. You do not have to run a vlog or a professional blog. You can easily share your life and thoughts with your followers. That is why it is great everyone - from travelers, IT guys, baking lovers to the fashionists or celebrities.  

  1. Being up to date

When you are following some particular profile –  famous person, thematic blog or simply some store – you will always be up to date. Every time they post something new, you will see it immediately with no further delay. 

  1. Hashtags and geotags

Hashtags are extremely useful when you need to extend your companion or engage some specific users. It also helps you find similar photos or common users.

  1. Stories feature

Recently, IG added a new feature which is adding a story option. You can share a photo with all the world or just some particular friends, but it will not stay there permanently. It will disappear after 24 hours unless you add it to your Story Highlights, which can be played anytime.

  1. Effective promotion

As more and more people use Instagram, it is a great tool to promote your content, products or whatever you would like to share. You can smoothly gain more followers and customers. By adding some interesting phono you can raise your popularity, increase your sales and promoting the lifestyle you prefer.

  1. Easy interaction

IG enables you an easy connection with the others. With one message you can reach a celebrity or some person that you would like to ask about something, from the opposite side of the word.

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  1. Fake life creation

Everybody’s life on Instagram is just SO perfect. It may be a trap, in which people, especially kids, can easily fall. Instagram has always been about looking flawless. There are extremely beautiful dishes, perfect mornings, ideal faces, bodies and whole, fakely perfect lifes. 

  1. Limited to photo&video sharing

You are not able to share there anything else than pictures, videos and live streams. It has been created this way and there is no indication that it would change. 

  1. Technical Drawbacks

Founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, designed this app to work only on Android and IOS systems. Even though many techs in the industry have frequently tried to create an online version or online access to IG, the experience of the original cannot be compared. The online version is stripped down and not allows many options. 

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As everything, mostly internet apps, Instagram has both advantages and disadvantages. It is totally in your hands, as it's only up to you, how will you use it and if it is more helpful or a dangerous feature. So as with every little thing in this world, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

If you are using it reasonably it can be a great and powerful tool for raising your popularity whether you are a private person or you are taking care of the company IG. The discussed application presents powerful options to marketers. It gives the ability to reach new publics, increase exposure and take all - the smallest and the biggest companies, to a new, higher level by creating content that people love to engage with. Instagram is also a great fun and comfortable way of showing people your current life if you are the one who likes to share it. You have access to plenty of filters which can help you in improving your photos. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, colors’ temperature etc. It is like a photo book, but way more easy and quick than a traditional one. It helps in exploring the world, tastes and people.

Undoubtedly, there are challenges: for example, it is really difficult to stand out and to turn interest into bottom line conversions. It also may become toxic with the addicted need for validation and obsession for fame which should be avoided at all costs. However, as long as you use it reasonably and cautiously, Instagram would remain a great platform for various, useful, previously presented reasons. If you will simply compare the pros and cons, you will notice that the good sides win and if you think while using it, IG is a great application. It is extremely helpful in business, in making contacts, finding an inspiration etc. 

By Marta Luber on Feb 11, 2019