04 Nov 2021

What is MAC cloning?

Please take note that understanding anything here requires you to know what a MAC address is, luckily, you can read what a MAC Address is on our website!

Cloning the MAC address

While everything revolving around computer networking may seem complicated, cloning a MAC address is rather easy, and it does not require you to make any bigger changes in your network architecture. All you have to do is copy the MAC address of the device which is already working and copy it into the device that has some problems working in your network.

Why would you like to clone the MAC address?

This can be done to fix some connection issues in your network. Sometimes internet providers can limit their users to using only hardware approved by them. It can also help if your network works only for authenticated MAC addresses, you can simply clone a MAC address to temporary 'add' a device to your network before you authenticate its own MAC address. It's important to not panic when a device fails to connect even if we're sure that our architecture and settings are set up correctly, because it may be a simple issue with the MAC address. And if you want to know more about networking, read what is an IP address and what are the differences between static and dynamic IP's!

By Maciej Oliwa on 04 Nov 2021

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