28 Sep 2021

What is NFT?

Today we'll discuss a pretty new phenomenon on the internet (well, technically a new phenomenon, its concept has been known since 2012 so it may now be as new as many people think?) - NFT. You may have heard about it a thousand times, or not a single time. In both cases we welcome you, we'll try to explain to you what an NFT is in the simplest of words, have fun!

What even is NFT?

Well, NFT stands for Non-fungible token, which in itself does not really ring a bell, does it? The Non-fungible part is pretty easy to explain, it simply means that it cannot be replaced with anything else. You can compare it to other things such as bitcoins, these can be easily replaced with one another, without any losses. However, every NFT is a completely different thing, a very special trait of NFTs is a unique asset that is associated with a given token. NFT basically represents ownership of the item associated with the token.

There is a lot of stuff that can be assigned to a Non-fungible token:

You may ask yourself - "Is it really worth it? It's just another bitcoin-like thingy". Well, let us show you a simple example of how much a (reasonably) simple thing can be worth as an NFT: You probably do recognize this image of a side-eyeing child, if you don't - don't worry, it has been a pretty well-known meme in the past, and now its NFT has been sold for over 74000 dollars, crazy, right?

Side eyeing chloe meme

How exactly does the NFT work?

So far all we know is that NFT gives you something that (presumably) cannot be copied, "but how does all of this work?", you may ask. Well, we've got an answer! NFTs exist on a thing called blockchain, and blockchain is, well, it is a specific system of recording information (a database if you will) which makes it incredibly hard to change or hack the data stored on it. This may sound complicated at first (trust me, it is), but after a while, you'll get used to the concept. Normally, NFTs are used to trade, however, you can simply buy a specific NFT, there are a lot of auctions all over the internet for many different NFTs!

Where to trade with NFTs?

There is actually a lot of trading markets available for everyone (after you set up your cryptocurrency wallet, of course), here's a few of them:

So, if you are ready then go out there and trade (just don't spend everything, please)! We hope that with our short article your knowledge about the NFT has been expanded a lot!

By Maciej Oliwa on 28 Sep 2021

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