07 Nov 2021

What is a VPN?

What is VPN?

In today's era of the internet, our data is constantly being accessed, analyzed and used. Our history search, the products we look for, or even what we put on social media may be used by the government, IS providers or some other unwanted beings. For people to feel safe on the internet, VPN's were created. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, VPN helps you keep your data private, it changes your IP address, which in short changes your location in the world.

When should you use a VPN?

There are certain places and situations where using VPN is a MUST, here are some of them:

VPN also helps you overcome geographic restrictions, which lets you watch shows and listen to music not yet available in your country (pretty cool, huh?) 

What are some best-known VPNs?

Down below we'll shortly describe each VPN showing its pros and cons.


NordVPN is one of the most recognizable VPN out there. It's reasonably cheap and it works great too! It provides top-quality security and privacy, it works on many devices and operating systems. It's fast and reliable. NordVPN has (at the point of writing this article) over 5124 active servers all around the world which you can connect to. Let's look at some pros and cons of NordVPN:




ExpressVPN is a great option if you are not against spending some more money. This investment may be a great one though since ExpressVPN provides some great functionalities and quality.




Surfshark is a great VPN if you are looking for a cheaper but still good solution to your privacy concerns.



So as you can see there are a lot of choices to make, and it is up to you what you'll choose. Nevertheless, VPN is a great technology that everyone should start using for the sake of their privacy and safety on the internet.

By Maciej Oliwa on 07 Nov 2021

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