24 Jun 2019

What Serial Number is?

Have you ever wondered what Serial Number is and what is it used for? Are you wondering how to track it on your device? Or maybe you are the one, that has absolutely no idea what this magical number connotation means? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you are just in the proper place. Below you will find answers to the questions that interest you and you will have no more doubts about the Serial Number again.

What Serial Number is?

Serial Number (SN) is used to track products – phones mostly - throughout the whole receiving and sales process. There is a one to one relationship between SN and a particular smartphone. Only one, original number is assigned to the one phone. It is almost as unique as fingerprint or DNA code, yet there is not even one exception, as in the twin’s DNA case. Often the serial number is used for warranty or version control. These numbers are usually assigned in sequence per product or product family.

Serial Number Tracking

This identification number can be found in several places. Let’s go through the all possible ways of locating Serial Number for your phone.

You can locate Serial Number inside your smartphone. Simply follow the presented steps and easily track it.
If that is not helpful enough, check out our video tutorial for the particular brand and model. 

  1. Unlock your device and go to the list of all Applications.
    Serial Number tutorial 1st step
  2. Then, find and select the Settings.
    Serial Number tutorial  2nd step
  3. Go to the About Phone tab (or named similar), usually located at the very bottom of the list.
  4. Find and select the Status icon and click on it.
    Serial Number tutorial 3rd step
  5. Scroll down and you will find the Serial Number here.
    Serial Number tutorial 5th step

serial number box


From now on, you can simply locate Serial Number in your smartphone. Whether you threw away the packaging or you still have it, if you are from those who keep receipts ordered over the years or throw them away just after purchase - the above article allows you to locate the serial number for your smartphone.

By Marta Luber on 24 Jun 2019

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