How do I know what kind of SIM card will work with my device?

Standard, Micro or Nano SIM cards – are you questioning yourself which one is suitable for your smartphone? Take a look at the below and learn what is the difference between them and which one you need for your phone.

SIM Card

Let's start with answering the basic question in this matter. What SIM Card really is and what is it used for?

Generally speaking, the SIM card is a module for identifying each unique subscriber. The oldest and the largest SIM card looks like a guitar feather. However, there is a lot of information hidden in it. This small PCB connects the phone with the operator. Practically speaking, it is an intermediary between two pieces of equipment – smartphone’s baseband and cell towers of the carrier, enabling communication between them.
SIM Cards

What kinds of SIM card do we have?

As it is not difficult to deduce from its name, Standard SIM is the oldest and largest version of those cards. It is generally used in all devices prior to 2010 and in some cases, we can find it today.

Micro SIM is working exactly as the previous version, yet it is a bit smaller. When the producers wanted to create slimmer and handier smartphones, it was important to create smaller SIM Cards. Therefore, this SIM version was created.

From exactly the same premises as the Micro SIM in relation to the Standard one, a Nano SIM card was created. Its size was reduced again to optimize phone models. Nano SIM was introduced in 2012 and nowadays it is the most common size. 

This one is, as the name suggests, a combo of all sizes. It is a Nano SIM card, within a Micro SIM, which is included in Standard SIM. Practically speaking, it is just a piece of plastic in which the SIM Card is hidden, and individual sizes are extracted so simply by breaking the additional plastic away you can have the one that you need.

How do I know what kind of SIM card will work with my device?

Of course, the information on which SIM Card is suitable for your phone can be found in the user manual. However, the most practical and the fastest method at the same time - as it does not require many pages to be scanned - is the comparison of your SIM Card Slot with the card itself.
Simply take a look at the tray that your smartphone has and then compare it with the below pictures, so you are sure which SIM Card is needed for your device. 

   Standard SIM Card   

   Micro SIM Card   

   Nano SIM Card   

Standard SIM Tray

Micro SIM Card Tray

Nano SIM Card Tray

If you have no idea how to take of the tray from your device, or where SIM Card should be placed, feel free to watch out tutorials on How to Insert SIM Card to some particular smartphone model. 


By Marta Luber on Jul 24, 2019