30 Dec 2021

WhatsApp disappearing messages: All you need to know

One thing about technology is that it is always changing. The technology we had ten years ago is very different from now. We have witnessed so much change with gadgets, software, and even mobile apps. One popular application that keeps upgrading is WhatsApp. Remember that it was just a basic messaging app when it was launched? We have unquestionably come a long way because most of the features we have now make life so much easier, safer, and cater to many other things that people need. The latest change added to this dynamic app is the disappearing message feature. How does it work?

The Whatsapp disappearing message feature 

This latest feature is simply WhatsApp messages disappearing on either a one-on-one or group chat. There are three different time intervals when messages can disappear, either 24hrs, 7 days, or 90 days. Once you set the chats to disappear, you know that after sending the messages, your messages will be deleted automatically when the time you set has been reached. A person can either set these disappearing messages on a particular chat or all their chats on WhatsApp; it is so simple. It is enabled for both iOS and Android devices, so if you are not part of these users or your operating system is outdated, Costco UK Offers or Amazon can help you get a device that supports this with their great deals.

Setting up the disappearing messages

How to set up disappearing messages on existing individual chats.

  1. Go to the WhatsApp chat. 
  2. Click on the name or number, then scroll down to where the chat settings are; you will find the disappearing messages feature there. 
  3. Tap on the on option. If prompted, tap Continue.
  4. Select either option 90 days, 7 days, or 24 hrs, and you are done.
  5. Follow the same instructions and then the off option to remove the setting.

How to set up the disappearing messages for all new individual chats.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap on account
  3. Then tap on privacy
  4. Scroll down to the default message timer
  5. Then turn on to preferred time
  6. Disappearing messages will automatically be turned on.

Image by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash


So now that you know how this works, you may still have some crucial questions on some things we did not touch on. So, we will answer a few of the frequently asked questions regarding this new WhatsApp feature.

How does the enabling work in a group chat?

Do Whatsapp disappearing messages work with the backup chat system?

What about old messages?

Well, this might have been a brilliant upgrade, but will it be popular among the users? If you are a private person or struggle with storage issues, then this feature might be of good use to you, but it may be pointless for some. So let us know what your take is on the new WhatsApp disappearing messages. 

By Natalia Ligocka on 30 Dec 2021

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