18 Feb 2021

What's new in Wild Rift 2.1 Patch?

Wild Rift is a modified mobile version of a well-known game - League of Legends. It's developed and published by Riot Games, which are also the creators of League of Runeterra and League of Legends.
Wild Rift is very successful, it gained a lot of traction lately, and there is nothing weird about that - many people were waiting for an official mobile version of LoL.
In this article, we will show you all of the changes in the newest 2.1 Wild Rift Patch.

Wild Rift Characters Changes

  1. Lulu: Lulu was given a small nerf, her mana was reduced from 480 to 435. Her ultimate skill cooldown was also changed: 70/60/50 seconds to 85/70/55 seconds.
  2. Orianna: Orianna's ultimate cooldown was changed: 70/60/50 seconds to 85/70/55 seconds.

Wild Rift New Champions

  1. Xayah: She is a well-known champion from League of Legends. She is most effective when played along with Rakan, which is another champion added to the game.
  2. Rakan: Rakan is made to be played along with Xayah, he's a support character.

Wild Rift Patch Features

  1. Replays: Now you'll be able to rewatch your most recent matches (50 to be exact). Replay mode features a new HUD, which shows a lot of important data.
  2. Spectator Mode: It's a simple mode, where you can spectate your friends' matches! Of course, it has a  short delay, to avoid telling the current game state to the players.

Wild Rift New Skins:

  1. Lunar Beast Alistar
  2. Lunar Beast Annie
  3. Lunar Beast Darius
  4. Lunar Beast Fiora
  5. Lunar Beast Jarvan IV
  6. Lunar Beast Miss Fortune
  7. Panda Teemo
  8. Cosmic Dawn Rakan
  9. Cosmic Dusk Xayah
  10. Heartseeker Vayne
  11. Sweetheart Rakan
  12. Sweetheart Sona
  13. Sweetheart Xayah

New Gameplay Features

  1. Ping Display,
  2. In-Game Chat,
  3. Smite Indicator,
  4. Summoner Spell Timers,

So, as you can see there's a lot of important changes, which will greatly increase the user experience of the game!

By Maciej Oliwa on 18 Feb 2021

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