Block Number 

Are you wondering if it is possible to block a specific number? Tired of annoying incoming calls from telemarketers? Would you like to block a specific number? It is possible! We're here to show you how to use call settings to add a phone number to the blocklist. As a result, such a number placed on the list of blocked numbers will not be able to contact you via a call or even a text message. If this solution is satisfactory for you, do not hesitate and get some knowledge about it now. Follow the instructions below and block the number without any problem.

How to block number?

If you want to block a specific phone number on your mobile device, follow our instructions to successfully get to the call settings, where you will have the opportunity to find out how to create a blocklist on your device. We recommend visiting our channel on YT, where instructional videos are available on this topic, personalized for specific phone models.

Watch the below video and learn how to block number in Samsung device:

or if you prefer, have a look at the following instructions and check how to create a blocklist:

  1. At the very beginning, click on the Phone icon.
    Phone Icon Samsung
  2. In the second step, pick the More key located in the above right corner. 
    Phone More Key Samsung
  3. Now, go to the Call Settings.
    Call Settings Samsung
  4. This is a time to pick the Block numbers option.
    Block Numbers Samsung
  5. Nextly, type the phone number that you want to block.
    Add Phone Number Samsung Create Blocklist Samsung
  6. In the final part, choose + icon to add the typed number to the blocklist, in the result, you won’t be able to receive calls and even texts from the caller that you currently blocked. 
    Blocklist Samsung
  7. Perfect! The number that you put is assigned to the phone blocklist
    Blocklist Samsung