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HardReset.Info / IMEI.info Project was created as a result of the need to resolve all the phone's puzzles, discover new tricks, find all available extra features and hidden options in such a rapidly developing field as the phone industry.
Since 2014 we are preparing tutorials so you can extend your knowledge about various devices, mostly phones. Today, we are focus on developing new gimmicks, super solutions for both laymen and technology freaks. 
Over 375K people from all over the world subscribe our HardReset.info YouTube Channel and regularly visits the website. On both websites, we reached more than 16 000 000 views monthly, so in order to meet the expectations of a huge audience, we need to published great content.

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The biggest advantage of working with us is the ability to combine responsibilities. All of the above job positions successfully cooperate in projects they carry out together.

Are you in pursuit of an ambitious environment and interesting projects? Do you appreciate the positive atmosphere? Are you well organized? If you are fluent in English or Spanish (B2/C1/C2), possess analytical skills, an innovative approach, and appreciate teamwork the same as independent work - join us!

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Send us an email with a CV to join our team: career@hardreset.info