Change Language

The operation of setting up the language in the device gives you a possibility to change the current language in the situation when, for example, the language of the phone is incomprehensible. Come along with our helpful tutorials, where you are able to get the knowledge of changing the language in your device without any problems. Follow presented instruction to smoothly get access to the language settings in order to find and set up the desired language.Change Language

How to Change Language?

To easily change the language of your device, you need to learn how to get into language settings to open the full list of available languages in your smartphone and set up a preferred language. If you wish to find out how to smoothly change the language of your device, then use our videos available on YouTube Channel to set up chosen language easily.

Check attached video tutorial in order to learn how to change the language in SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10:

Use the tutorial below to check how to change the language in the OPPO device:

  1. On the front, unlock your smartphone and choose Settings.
    OPPO Settings
  2. In the second step, scroll the list of Settings and pick Language & Region.
    OPPO Language & Region
  3. At this moment, select Language to easily open the list of available languages.
    OPPO Language
  4. In the final part, choose the language from the presented list.
    OPPO Language List
  5. Perfect job! The chosen language has been successfully set up.