Change Watch Face

Suunto SmartwatchAre you tired of the current face of your smartwatch? Would you like to learn how to successfully refresh the look of your smartwatch? You've come to the right place! In the following instructions, we will show you how to effectively use a dedicated module to change the look of your smartwatch dial. Let's choose your favorite watch face and personalize your smartwatch using a new extraordinary skin.

How to change watch face?

If you want to change watch face on your smartwatch, follow our instructions to successfully get to the module that allows you to customize it. We recommend visiting our channel on YT, where instructional videos are available on this topic, personalized for specific phone models.

Watch the below video and learn how to change watch face in Suunto smartwatch:

or if you prefer, have a look at the following instructions and check how to change watch face:

First method:

  1. Start by pressing the left upper button to wake up the screen.

    Left Upper Button Suunto
  2. Nextly, press and hold on to the current Watch Face to open the Watch Face menu.

    Change Watch Face Suunto
  3. Now, you can scroll through the list of Watch Faces by swiping left and right on the screen.

    Apply New Watch Face Suunto
  4. In the final part, locate the Watch Face you like and tap on it to apply it.

    Set New Watch Face Suunto
  5. Success! The Watch Face has been changed successfully.


Second method:

  1. In the first step, open the Wear Os app on your phone.

    Sunnto Watch app
  2. After that locate the Watch Faces section and tap on More.

    Watch Faces Suunto
  3. Now, tap on the Watch Face you like to apply it on your watch.

    Suunto Watch Face
  4. Perfectly done! The Watch Face has been changed successfully.