Resetovat kameru VIVO V15

If the taken photos or videos looking weird or have some unknown issues you should perform reset camera settings. We present the easy tutorial of restoring camera defaults in VIVO device. You will be able to learn how to get into advanced settings of your camera and bring back the factory camera configuration which should repair all of the problems connected with the camera performance.

How to reset the camera on VIVO V15? How to restore camera defaults on VIVO V15? How to fix the camera on VIVO V15? How to bring back factory camera configurations on VIVO V15? How to repair the camera in VIVO V15?

  1. Otevřeme aplikaci Fotoaparát. Hard Reset VIVO V15
  2. Pomocí Gear v pravém horním rohu rozbalte možnosti nastavení fotoaparátu. Factory Reset VIVO V15
  3. Přejděte dolů na funkci Reset . Master Reset VIVO V15
  4. Dobře, na konci zatlačme na Potvrdit. Vymazat údaje na VIVO V15
  5. Dobrá práce.

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