Samsung Custom Recovery

Stock Recovery
All Android devices ship with a recovery environment preinstalled. This recovery software can be used to restore the device to factory default settings, update its operating system, and perform other diagnostic tasks.
All Android devices come with pre-installed recovery environmental. This recovery software can be used to restore the device to the factory default settings, to update the operating system and to perform other diagnostic tasks.
Stock recovery is a minimal, limited system. It is designed to be ignored and can only generate OTA and ROM updates provided by the device manufacturer, not external ROMs.

Custom Recovery
Custom Recovery is an external recovery environmental. The flashing of this restores environmental on the device replaces the default recovery environmental using an external, custom rescue environmental. It's a bit like flashing custom firmware like CyanogenMod - but instead of replacing the full operating system, it replaces the recovery environment. Custom Recovery will do the same thing as Android recovery. However, it will also have additional functions. Custom recovery often has the ability to create and restore device backups. Custom recovery allows you to install custom ROMs. ClockworkMod even offers the "ROM Manager" application, which allows access to many of these functions from running Android - this application requires a custom recovery installed.

Samsung Custom Recovery database:

Model: Model number: Custom Recovery link:
Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 Download
A3 2016 SM-A310F Download
A5 2016 SM-A510F Download
A5 2017 SM-A520F Download
Grand Prime SM-G530FZ Download
Grand Prime SM-G530P Download
Grand Prime SM-G530T / T1 / W Download
Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F Download
Galaxy S6 SM-G920F Download
Galaxy S6 SM-G920K / L / S Download
Galaxy S6 SM-G920P Download
Galaxy S6 SM-G920R4 Download
Galaxy S6 SM-G920T Download
Galaxy S6 SM-G920W Download
Galaxy S6 SM-G9200 / G9208 / G9209 Download
Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925F / FD / I Download
Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925K / L / S Download
Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925P Download
Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925R4 Download
Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925T Download
Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925W8 Download
Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G9250 Download
Galaxy S7 SM-G930F / FD / X / W8 Download
Galaxy S7 SM-G930K / S / L Download
Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F Download
Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935K / S / L Download
Galaxy S8 SM-G950F Download
Galaxy S8+ SM-G955F Download
Galaxy S9 SM-G960F / FD /N Download
Galaxy S9+ SM-G965F / FD /N Download
J3 2016 SM-J320YZ Download
J5 2015 SM-J500F / G / M / NO / Y Download
J5 2015 SM-J500FN Download
J5 2015 SM-J500H Download
J5 2015 SM-J5008 Download
J7 2015 SM-J700 Download
J7 2016 SM-J710F Download
J7 2017 SM-J730F / G / GM Download