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A lot of websites and applications give their users the option of enabling Dark Mode. This mode works on a very simple principle - it reverses the traditional color scheme, so thanks to it the background is black and the letters are bright.  To make the text legible, one of the most important factors is contrast. If we have a properly set contrast, then it is easier to remember the information read and less eye fatigue. Smartphone manufacturers have also introduced such options in their devices. In most smartphones, it is possible to immediately switch between traditional and dark modes with the push of a button! The advantage of using dark mode is that the eyes of smartphone users are not as tired as when they look at the bright screen when using the phone at night - as opposed to the bright day when it is best to read dark letters on a light background. Test this mode on your device. Our specialists from HardReset.Info will be happy to help you enable this mode. 

How to Turn On Dark Mode on Android?

On most Android devices, you can enable Dark Mode by using the following instructions:

  1. Firstly, you should turn on your phone, go to the main menu and open the Settings app.  
    main menu realme settings realme
  2. Here you should select the Display & Brightness.
     Settings display brightness
  3. Now, you need to switch on Dark Mode.
     display settings dark mode realme
  4. Next, switch on the Dark Mode again. 
    turn on dark mode realme
  5. Wait a few seconds.
    switching to dark mode realme 
  6. Success!
    dark mode realme


How to Switch On Dark Mode on iOS?

On most iOS devices, you can Turn On Dark Mode using the following instructions:

  1. At the very beginning, activate your device and to get access to the main menu by swiping the screen up. Find and open the Settings.
    iphone main menu
  2. Then, find and pick Display & Brightness.
    settings display iphone
  3. At the very end, mark the Dark mode icon.
    enable dark mode iphone
  4. Excellent! You have just activated Dark Mode on your device.
    dark mode iphone

If you sill have a problem with the Dark Mode, then the best solution is to open our HardReset.info YouTube Channel Dark Mode Playlist to find a tutorial on your own phone model.

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