What to do if your phone is stolen


Mobile devices are commonly used to communicate and search for information. As a result, they do often contain person data like emails, text messages, voicemail messages, calendars, locations, pictures and films. If by any chance a device is lost or stolen, anyone may potentially get access to all of the previously mentioned data which may put you, your colleges or employers to a serious risk.


In this article you will find some steps which are to follow in order to protect your personal data in case of theft or loss. Please be aware that the following instructions should be applied only to personal devices (not the ones which were given to you by your employer). In case of a company device you should proceed accordingly to your company’s policy. Wipe data on ALIGATOR S4515 Duo IPS



One of the most effective ways to protect your data is to start securing it while it is still in your possession. You should begin by activating either a PIN number, a password or a graphic pattern which will be required every time you want to unblock your phone. That way you are sure that only authorized people have access to your data. Permanently delete data from ALIGATOR S4515 Duo IPS

PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a number which you need to put in in order to get access to the mobile device. Format ALIGATOR S4515 Duo IPS

Password – it works just like a password to a computer or Internet account. You can activate it so that it is requested every time you wish to unblock your phone. The more difficult the password is (eg. a lot of numbers, small and big letters) the harder it will be to get access to your device. Restore ALIGATOR S4515 Duo IPS

Graphic pattern – a patter that you choose yourself which you will need to repeat each time you wish to unblock your phone. Remove screen password on ALIGATOR S4515 Duo IPS

You should definitely consider the option to completely delete all data after a certain amount of failed attempts to access the device. This feature may protect your phone if it fall into the wrong hands. However, if you enable this option, remember to be cautious – do not let the kids play with. Otherwise, you may end up with a default device and without your precious data.


Make sure not to reveal your chosen authentication method to anyone who you do not trust. You should also remember to always make the PIN/Password/Graphic Pattern as difficult and hard to get as possible.


In order to keep your data and device sefe you should consider using the following advice:

  • Remote tracking & deleting : Most of the mobile devices have operating systems which allows you to remotely locate and/or delete data on a lost device. You will probably need to install and configure a special application like “Find My iPhone” in Apple devices, “BlackBerry Enterprise Server” connection in BlackBerry phones. In Android device you will find a few applications designed for it.
  • Encrypting: If you have an access to your mobile device, you may also try some more advanced solutions that do not require a PIN or password to get to your data. Encrypting protects your personal data from more “professional” attacks. Some of the devices have the encryption already in them, some however require either switching on or installing. In the Android devices you need to active it by entering Menu > Settings > Personal > Security > Encryption > Encrypt my device.
  • Backing Up the device: The Backup allows you to quickly restore all the information located on lost/stolen phone. Backups should be performed regularly.


Blocking The Andoid Device

In Android smartphones one of the most popular websites for blocking a device is Android Device Manager. In order to use it, you need to log in to your Google account (the one connected to your phone). If you are unable to access it on your computer, you can always use the mobile application (for example on your friend’s device). Hard Reset ALIGATOR S4515 Duo IPS

This tool allows you to locate your device, block it or remotely delete all data. The last two options may not be available from the beginning – you will probably need to activate them in the settings or remotely from the Internet website. On your device choose section “Device administrators > Settings > Security”.

You can also turn off the mute if by any chance it was switched on on your device. This feature might particularly come in handy when you cannot find your phone but it is still within your reach.


In order to locate your device, it needs to be connected to the Internet (cellular or WIFI). The process of location will be more accurate if your phone has GPS functions turned on. If you notice that your device is being moved that might mean that someone has already “taken care” of it. After having clicked “Phone Lock”, you should see the following form. HardReset ALIGATOR S4515 Duo IPS

The remote phone block requires a password that you will use to unblock your device. You can also make a message visible on your lost phone informing the finder how to contact you. This message will be seen on the blocked screen of your phone. If you give your contact number, it will not be shown – the finder will only have an option to call you without seeing the actual phone number.


The remote hard resetting on your device is an irreversible operation. If you do not regularly archive your data, you may loose the access to them. By performing the factory reset, your phone will be brought back the default setting and all of the data will be deleted. Factory Reset ALIGATOR S4515 Duo IPS

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