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How to strengthen the signal in ALLVIEW P8 eMagic?

Is there a way to strenghten the signal in ALLVIEW P8 eMagic?

Sometimes our operator's promise to have the signal in 99% of our country is not enough. You will find some useful instructions below on how to improve the signal in your device in case you happen to be in need.


The more users a network transmitter has, the worse signal you get. This is called "cell breathing" - it reduces the radio coverage inside the cell (which is the capacity to catch the singal from the transmitter) when the intensity of traffic increases. The operators also warn us about the "white spots" (in elevators, underground parking lots, underpasses etc). The problems with signal can also occur in mountains, woods - trees can actually be a very good signal blocker. When you happen to be in a "white spot" it usually helps when you slightly change your position. But what to do when walking around in search for signal doesn't bring any positive results?


Sometimes the easiest opiton could be the best option. Try manually changing the network from 3G (WCDMA/UMTS) to GSM (2G). The GSM network could catch the signal from up to 8 kilometers of distance wherase in 3G this distance is significantly smaller. In the first network you are still able to surf the Internet although the connection may be smaller.

In order to do that:
1. Go to Settings
2. Choose the option More Networks in the Connection settings.Hard Reset your device
3. Then tap on Mobile Networks.HardReset your device
4. Find the Network mode.Factory Reset your device
5. Change the Network from 3G to 2G.Master Reset your device


The other more advanced option is to use a special device which is called a reapeter and its purpose is to strenghten the signal. The external antenna catches the signal which then is transmitted via communication cable to the device which is located inside of the building. The price of such a device varies and depends on the size of the building.


A much cheaper solution is to by a 3G/GMS antenna. It is usually quite small and you can put it anywhere in the room. Remember that the higher the antenna is located, the better the signal is. If you need an antenna for a bigger building we would recommend hiring a company which specializes in that field.


The previously mentioned solutions do not guarantee a 100% efficiency. If you still have big problems with catching a signal, we would recommend changing the Operator - maybe the cause of your problems lies there.

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