Restore Data APPLE iPhone 3G

How to Restore Data in APPLE iPhone 3G? How to Reset APPLE iPhone 3G? How to erase information from APPLE iPhone 3G? How to factory reset APPLE iPhone 3G? How to Restore Contents in APPLE iPhone 3G?

Let's find out the factory restore method and smoothly erase all data from your beloved APPLE iPhone 3G. Follow the presented steps, open iTunes and perform the reset operation. Afterward, you will have the latest version of iOS software installed.

How to Restore Data in APPLE iPhone 3G?

  1. At first, connect iPhone 3G to your PC using USB Cable. 
  2. Then, choose your iPhone once it appears in iTunes.
  3. Afterward, go to the Summary tab. Restore Data APPLE iPhone 3G
  4. From the Summary panel, choose Restore iPhone. Restore Data APPLE iPhone 3G
  5. Confirm your decision by selecting RestoreRestore Data APPLE iPhone 3G
  6. Well done! Your iPhone has been cleared.

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