Back Up Data in APPLE iPhone

How to backup data on APPLE iPhone?

Necessary Tools and Drivers

  1. iTunes software on the computer.

Data Backup from APPLE iPhone to Local Computer or iCloud Server

  1. To begin turn on your APPLE iPhone by the Power button.
  2. APPLE iPhone must be charged at least 30%.
  3. Open iTunes software on the computer.Hard Reset your device
  4. Connect APPLE iPhone to USB cable.
  5. In iTunes you will see a message about allowing connect with APPLE iPhone, tap continue button.HardReset your device
  6. On the APPLE iPhone, you will see a message about trust this computer confirm by tap Trust button. That's all you need to do on your iPhone.Factory Reset your device
  7. iTunes show you option to select if you never connect this APPLE iPhone to your computer, select Set up as new iPhone, then tap continue button.
  8. In this step tap Get started button to can do a backup.
  9. Next, unselect Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected.Master Reset your deviceWipe data on your deviceFormat your device
  10. In this step select where you want back up your data to iCloud server or on your computer and choose what you prefer.Restore your deviceRemove screen password on your device
  11. To start the operation press Back Up Now button.Remove Screen Lock on your device
  12. The procedure started, depends how much data you got this take from 10 minutes to 1h dependent. If you choose iCloud server speed depends on your internet connection speed.Permanently delete data from your deviceHard Reset your device
  13. Excellent! The backup should be completed.

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