Delete Apps on APPLE iPhone

Delete Apps in iPhone

First method:

  1. Start by openning the Home screen of your phone. Restore APPLE iPhone
  2. Then tap and hold the icon of application you would like to uninstall until the icons wiggle.
  3. Afterwards tap the X located on the upper left cornef of the icon you wish to delete. Remove screen password on APPLE iPhone
  4. The window with delete information should appear on the screen.
  5. In order to confirm the operation select “Delete”. Remove Screen Lock on APPLE iPhone

What can goes wrong:

  • If there is no X option after holding the apps icon you probably have disabled deletin apps option. To turn it back on you should go to Settings. Then find and select Restrictions and turn Deleting Apps to On status. Permanently delete data from APPLE iPhone
  • Some of the system applications like Notes, SMS or Camera cannot be removed because they are part of the Apple iOS.

Second method:

  1. At the very beginning from the Home Screen find and select Settings. Hard Reset APPLE iPhone
  2. In the next choose General and tap Storage & iCloud Usage. HardReset APPLE iPhone
  3. Then under the Storage section look for the Manage Storage and select it. Factory Reset APPLE iPhone
  4. From installed apps tap and open the one you wish to remove. Master Reset APPLE iPhone
  5. In order to start the process choose Delete app. Wipe data on APPLE iPhone
  6. Excellent! You just unistall desired application.

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