How to Disable Handwrite in Google Account

Read the instructions below to find out how to turn off handwrite input on Google Account. Learn how to Disable Handwrite Type of Input Information on Google Account. Remember that you can turn it on again at any moment on your Google Account.

Click to see instructions for your operating system:

  1. Android

For Android:

  1. Basically, open Google Account app. Open Google Account app.
  2. In an ensuing manner, use the profile photo button. Click on the Profile Photo section on Google Account.
  3. Latterly, open Google Account Settings. Push the Manage your Google Account button.
  4. Go to the Data & personalisation tab in the navigation menu. Enter the Data & personalisation tab on Google Account.
  5. Now, open Search settings. Click on the Search settings section on Google Account.
  6. Select the Disable option in the Handwrite section. Click on the Disable option in the Handwrite section on Google Account.
  7. Move to the Save button at the bottom, and then press that button.
    Move to the bottom on Google Account. Make a click on the Save button on Google Account.
  8. Impressive! Now you know how to turn off handwrite on Google Account. Disabled Handwrite on Google Account.

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